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Step #3: Independent Practice Sessions

Or, Step #3: continued 1:1 Sessions

The Short Version

So, you’ve had your First Lesson and 5x Starter Lessons.

If you don’t know what these are click here

Independent Practice Sessions with 1:1 “Bolt Ons”

This option offers best value for money and the greatest possibility that you will smash your goals! 

Think of it like this: the Practice Sessions are to get it into your body, and the Bolt Ons Lessons are to learn more and add layers onto what you’re already doing. At least one Bolt On needs to be taken each month.

Continued One on One private lessons 

This is best if you have injuries, particular issues to address or don’t feel ready to practice independently.

The Longer Version

Option #1 - Independent Practice AND One on One "Bolt Ons" Lessons

1:1 “Bolt On” Lessons 

Turbocharge your Progress

Buy just however many you need complement your regular Personal Practice Sessions – and all at a special members’ price!

There’s no substitute for One on One lessons – it’s the way to really improve. But because you’re still getting your practice in, if you can’t have one weekly, just have one a month!

AND Personal Practice Sessions

Timetabling Flexibility

You book a session when you like, not just when there is a class timetabled.

If you’re late and miss the start of your session, there’s no stress, just start a little bit later.

You finished your workout and want to do a bit more?  You can’t do that with a One on One lesson.


Bolt Ons are Lessons for learning: adding layers onto what you already know and learning new exercises.

It’s far more effective to have a couple of One on Ones a month and more frequent Personal Practice Sessions than just one One on One Session a week.

Personal Practice Sessions are practice sessions. You can go as fast or as slow as you like. You can experiment and try doing things in slightly different ways.  A teacher will always be present. There are wall charts and video resources to help you.

That’s how we measure progress in Pilates. – if you really want results – it’s the way to go!

Personal Practice Sessions are less expensive

These sessions are less expensive than group classes – plus you can use a much wider range of apparatus.

See booking page for prices: click here.

Also, because you’re still doing Personal Practice, you’ll need fewer One on One sessions.

Going away? Have an illness?

Personal Practice sessions carry over from month to month – you’ll never lose sessions.

Cancel / Upgrade / Downgrade at anytime

Each Booking Confirmation Email has a link that allows you to change payment details or cancel your Membership.

Three Tiers

Gold, Silver & Bronze

Option #2 - One on One Lessons

100% personalised attention.

Dig Deeper: you’ll learning more and more challenging exercises and getting better at what we’ve already learned.

Broaden Horizons

You’ll be learning ever more challenging work on Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels and Mat.

Monthly objectives

Together can decide on a monthly objective each month and work towards that together.

You might not have the studio to yourself, but you will have your teacher’s undivided attention.

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