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All Lessons are currently Online via SKYPE or Zoom

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One on One

Starter Lessons

Duet Pilates Lessons

Open Studio Lessons

Self Access Subscriptions


How do the Pilates Lessons Fit Together?

Have your Assessment Lesson.

Use the Starter Lessons to learn the basics and safety.

Continue with a combo of 1:1 Lessons and Open Studio Group Lessons!

Massive video resource to help you remember & home practice!

Assessment Lesson

Currently Online.

Online health screening, posture assessment & exercise try out.

We’ll quickly establish some suitable goals and objectives.

More info: click here

Starter Lessons: “Before Open Studio”

Currently Online.

Five one on one lessons designed to teach you

your programme of exercises and the Fundamentals of Pilates.

Open Studio Group Work – suspended until further notice!

Fixed appointment hours.

You’ll follow your personalised programme on Reformer, Trapeze, Chairs, Barrels and Mat.

Your teacher will provide extra cues and new exercises as your deepen your practice.

One on Ones and Duets – Online

Currently Online.

Subject to availability, you can book when you like.

You’ll follow your own personalised programme.

You’ll use all the studio equipment: Mat, Barrels, Wunda Chair, and Reformer.

Self Access Subscriptions –

currently suspended we’ll move everything forward for you when we reopen.

Subject to availability, you can book when you like.

You’re able to work alone unsupervised.

1:1 Starters & Group Classes – online

One on One Starter Lessons

– book your lessons as normal and we’ll do them online.

One on One Extended Trial Lessons

What are they like?


Five One on One lessons.  In these lessons, you’ll start to work on and learn your personal programme.



£48 x5 = £240

Use your coupon code “REDEEM-TRIAL” to redeem your Trial Lesson fee of £48.

Small Groups Open Studio (Apparatus)

– Online until further notice.

Group Reformer Lessons

What are they like?


– Starter Lessons: you learn the basics of your programme.

– Open Studio Sessions: you practice those exercises in a small community.


– Your teacher will

  • provide cues and assistance
  • teach your suitable exercises as you work and develop your practice.


£22.50 per lesson depending on frequency of attendance.

Current Open Studio Classes are given via Zoom or Skype.

One on Ones Duets

One on One on all apparatus

– book your lessons as normal and we’ll do them online.

Semi-Private One on One: Apparatus Pilates

Prices, where and when

  • £46 -£80 depending on frequency.
  • Anytime from 10:00am to 8:00pm.

Intensive Pilates lessons following your personalised programme..


These lessons are designed around your own particular needs.

Duets on mat, reformer, chair, barrels

– book your lessons as normal and we’ll do them online.

Semi-Private: Duets

Prices, where and when

  • £25 -£28 per person, depending on frequency.
  • Anytime from 10:00am to 8:00pm.

Share the fun!  Bring a friend or your partner.

A good introduction to Pilates with more personalised teacher input than a group.

Follow your own personal programme on Reformers, Trapeze, Wunda Chairs, and Mat.

The exercises will be selected and adapted to suit your needs.

Self-Access & Workshops

Self Access Subscriptions…

You can book in now ready for June 1st – the we we reopen!

All Self Access Subscriptions will continue on a pro-rata basis after June 1st…

Self Access Subscriptions

In Self-Access you work alone.  There are programmes which you can follow.  The assumption is that we’ve studied these exercises previously, so this is is for people with plenty of experience.

From just £16 you can book yourself into the studio for your own private practice.


You must, at the very least, have an Assessment Lesson before arranging this.  Please call :-)))


Group Reformer Lessons



Future dates to be announced.