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Fed Up??? Then join in #pilates4life2021: the “UnCancelled” Project!

#pilates4life2021 – the “UnCancelled Project”


– I’m totally sick of things being cancelled!

In 2020 the #pilates4life2020 challenge, successful though it was, lasted only the month of January.

This year I’m promoting the very untrendy notions of consistency, perseverance and patience.

We all know:

“there is no Magic Bullet”


No matter what some YouTube channels tell you!

Change comes slowly and it does take persistence, dedication and, on top of that, you’ve got to be kind to yourself.  Cut yourself some slack – if need be!

There are more promises from Life Coaches and Health Gurus that if you just do x, y or z you’ll change your life forever, I’m going in the other direction: dedication and work over time to get results…

Join me starting February 14th for the first instalment of #pilates4life 2021.


Here’s what it will consist of: a 5-10 minute Pre-Pilates & Pilates workout.

Q. So short, why?
A. To promote consistency, top promote daily practice… but each one will be different, so think of them as “modules” and you can put them together to create longer workouts.  Also, I want us to memorise the workouts, that way, you get to keep them.  Forever.

Q.  Where?
A.  On the New Resources Page – click here.  You’ll be able to find them on Instagram and also on Facebook.  Perhaps even YouTube: but I’m a bit nervous of that – what do you think?  Should I or shouldn’t I?

Q.  When?
A.  Starting Sunday February 14th and every other Sunday after that for 21x fortnights!  Gulp!  That’s just about till the end of the year…

Q. Instalments?
A. Yes, there will be instalments: 21 of them because it’s 2021 and each instalment will last for 14 days.  So, you’ll practice each instalment for 14 days, them onto the next one.

Q.  Will the exercises be difficult?
A.  They’ll start easy, very easy and as the weeks pass, there will be more and more challenges.

Q.  Added extras?

A. Yup!  There will be live tutorials on social media (three times a week?) on the exercises in the challenge: it’ll be something like this:

  • a chat about a theme from Pilates and Joseph Pilates’ ideas about physical and spiritual improvement (10 mins);
  • an exercise tutorial from that week’s installment (any offer to be a “model” gratefully accepted – you can do it from home!) (10 mins);
  • Q & A session (10 mins).
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