New Year resolutions

New Year Resolutions: Part 1

New Year Resolutions: destined to fail?

New Year resolutionsAfter living so long away from Europe I had forgotten how much of a cultural icon Christmas and New Year is.  Although the Festive Season means different things to different people, there is one thing that is common to many: that is the failure of our good intentioned New Year Resolutions…

Like many others, I  whole-heartedly sign up to the romantic notions that surround the New Year.  I love the idea of wiping the slate clean.  We are reborn.  We can start over.  Like opening the first page of a brand new notebook: I am determined to keep it neat and tidy.  To use my best handwriting.

But that determination soon crumbles as the pressures of life build up.  And exactly like the pressures of life, winter continues through the first months of the year.  Bit of a damper isn’t it?

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New Year Resolutions: a study of self-delusion?

If we are really honest with ourselves we all know that these New Year’s Resolutions are a bit of a joke.  It’s just another delay tactic:

“I’ll smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish and eat all manner of nastiness, then come the first of January -it’s a healthy life for me…”

But, if it were that important to us, we wouldn’t procrastinate, would we?  We’d just get on worth it.  But we can’t, don’t or won’t.

New Year Resolutions: it’s not just you.  It’s all of us.

New Year Resolutions
I clearly remember New Year’s Day at the studio last year .  We had lessons as normal, but at about ten in the morning, when the telephones started ringing, they wouldn’t stop!  And I mean the two telephones- and at the same time!

I had the curious dilemma of what to do: try to talk on two telephones at the same time or let one go to the answer phone… That was the power of New Year’s Resolutions!  It certainly made a very deep impression on me.  It was like half the population of the city had decided to start Pilates.  The take away from that experience was that so many people have thje good intentions.  I wonder how many of them actually managed to make that change?

Habits are ingrained and are hard to change.  They are burned deep into our neuronal system.  In this case the saying is certainly true:

“Old habit die hard.  New ones are hard to forge”

Part 2: New Years Resolutions: increasing your chances of success – practical things you can do


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