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One simple thing you can do To Totally Change Your Life!

One simple thing you can do To Totally Change Your Life!



It’s very old school and it’s simply this:


Whatever time of day you normally wake up at now, note that time.  Then, make a conscious decision to get up earlier than you normally would in order to engage in one pre-planned positive behavior pattern at that slightly earlier time of day and do it everyday for the next seven days.


I know that it sounds crazy simple, but we haven’t yet defined what the behavior is! So that’s the first task: tap into your unconscious powers and ask yourself what habit could you cultivate over the next seven days.


… the greatest possible leverage


This habit should provide the greatest possible leverage in improving our lives. Now it might just be “follow the ten day Pilates Course” click here for the first installment or it could be something totally unrelated – it might be meditation. It might be helping us to find strategies to stop compulsive eating or drinking … (thank you for your emails responding to the Newsletters btw)…


…how do we get weak muscles strong?


This is a question you must answer for yourself. Perhaps you can’t think of one? Well, can happen. So, why not? Perhaps your (or my) creative critical thinking about ourselves muscles have atrophied and become weak. So how do we get weak muscles strong and working again? By using them. And then practice using them, and that right there, is the link to Pilates: getting both physical muscles and the brain muscles working again!

Perhaps our psychological muscles have become weak and the ability to problem solve our own lives has become weaker. The way to strengthen it is to start using it in the way in which it was designed to be used. So I have forced myself to come up with the one thing that I could do every day for the next seven days that will create massive leverage in my life. Then I have to follow through!

I actually came up with a small list of things. So, perhaps I’ll do this back to back, using a different positive behavior pattern each week.


…this is common sense


You might think that this is common sense. And you’d be right! But is it easy to do? If it were, everyone would be doing it! It’s a way of actually starting to take control of our lives and consciously moving our lives in the directions that we want them to go in! And that might be doing Pilates practice, or meditation, or … well, the ideas have to be your ideas because that how we strengthen our “creative critical thinking about ourselves” muscles!

You might think that taking back control (argghhhh!) over our lives might require some great Herculean task and effort. Well sometimes it does, but I tend to feel that life is actually made up of small micro decisions that are taken every day and each of these can be consciously tinkered with and changed so that positive habits develop.


…is it actually easy to do?


So who’s with me? Let’s commit for the next seven days to getting up slightly earlier to do this one thing. If it’s so easy and simple, I challenge you to do it! Just like I’m challenging myself! I’ll be reporting back to let you know how it went. You can do the same either in the comments below, or by email. I’ll answer everything…

I think that this simple, but amazingly weird, technique gets right down to the root of personal development because it helps to create positive change just by deciding to do one small thing. It helps to create a habit.  But is it actually easy to do?  You tell me…

One of the things I found when I did this the first time round was how it affected my evening: I went to bed slightly earlier and was looking forward to doing something for myself first thing in the morning! Suddenly, I became more important in my own life!


See y’all soon,



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