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Online Pilates Matwork Classes

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What do I need?

Just a mat and your awesome self 🙂

What is the cost?

Just £10.


What is the Level?

These are Foundation Exercises.  They are challenging, but suitable for beginners.  Modifications, variations and substitutions are given.  That means that if you’re having problems accessing a particular exercise, we have something else for you to do whilst you get stronger.


What is the Pace?

The pace or speed or flow (whichever word you prefer) between the exercises is deliberate.  If you want to transition faster, you can once you have learned the order of the exercises – which is easy to do!


How long is the class?

Approximately 50 minutes.


How many people in the class?

Maximum 10 people.


When do the classes run?

Monday: 9am
Thursday: 6pm
Friday: 1pm


I have an injury / medical condition

These exercises are designed to be dome by healthy people.  If you have acute back pain, or suffer from a medical condition such as osteoporosis, or are having a baby, then please seek medical advice and / or book yourself in for a “First Lesson” here so that we can conduct a proper risk assessment.


What are the exercises?

The exercises are the same exercises found in Joseph Pilates’ Book: “Return to Life”.   This is “Pilates done Proper”  Not all Pilates classes are the same.  This can cause confusion if you are just getting started.  But these classes are based very closely on what Mr. Pilates intended Pilates to be.


Can I see samples of the exercises?

Yes!  Head over to my YouTube channel and you can find quick tutorials of the exercises.  If you want to see more exercise tutorials head over to the Resources Page here.


Thanks for reading.

Any questions?  Just get in touch!


Miguel 🙂

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