Online Pilates Foundations Course

Online Pilates Foundations Course: Introduction

Online Pilates Foundations Course:  – a quick intro …


Welcome to our Online Pilates Foundations Course!  It’s super awesome that you are here.  Before diving into the actual course thingy I really want to tell you about what’s in the course, why I’ve created it and where it takes us.  Can I just call it the OPFC?

For me the OPFC is an exercise is brevity, getting to the point and being totally accurate.  I’m not there yet, but this whole Foundations Course is being constantly edited and revised as I strive for that brevity and accurate use of language.


How to use it… 

to start wit, why not browse, dipping in here and there?  But the course is designed to teach skills and awareness, so you’ll get best results starting from Series 1 Episode 1 and working through the episodes.


Each of these lessons build up onto each other.  So, Series 1 Episode 5 will contain everything from installments 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.


Each installment has different sections:

  • A “what is …?” section: an introduction to the concepts of the installment.
  • What these Principles Lead Towards: a more advanced exercise example.
  • A Jargon Buster: self-explanatory, I think…
  •  A Previous Lesson index with links: ditto …
  • A Workout: “Pilates in Flow”: these are about 30 minutes long…
  • The Exercises: each of the exercises in demonstrated slowly in a video with a written explanation.
  • FAQs: self-explanatory, I think…


Just a quick note

This course is designed to teach the Foundations of Pilates.  It’s not really an exercise course – although it does revolve around exercises.  There are better exercises to, for example, provide shoulder mobility.  I know this, but these are the best exercises to understand and learn and put into your daily Pilates practice.

Without these Foundations, your Pilates practice will lack all the important ingredients.


Can’t wait?  Then, just get started!


Series 1 Episode 1: click here

foundation #1 Breathing,

foundation #2 Deep Core Activation

foundation #3 Abdominal Strengthening”

Series 1 Episode 2: click here

foundation #4 The Spine & Pelvic Position

foundation #5 The Spine & Pelvic Control

Series 1 Episode 3: click here

foundation #6 Spinal Mobility

foundation #7 Spinal Strengthening

Series 1 Episode 4: click here

foundation #8 Shoulder Mobility

foundation #9 Stabilisation

Series 1 Episode 5 & Extras: click here

“foundation #10 Alignment

  — Extras: Pilates in Standing”


Series 2 Episode 6: click here

Principle #1 Breathing

Principle #2 Concentration

Series 2 Episode 7: Coming Soon

Principle #3 Centerng

Principle #4 Control

Series 2 Episode 8: Coming Soon

Principle #5 Precision

Principle #6 Flow

The Traditional Series – a starter!

Series 3 Episode 9: Coming Soon

Starting the Traditional Series

Series 3 Episode 10: Coming Soon

Starting the Traditional Series


Ps.  I‘m creating and updating and editing as I listen to you – things may change and I’m always open to comments!   Why not leave a comment below?


Who’s it for?  – absolutely everyone… 


It’s the perfect complement to your Starter Classes.  It’s a great way to start your Pilates journey.  It offer a massive value added!  You can even do it without ever coming to the studio – but there is no replacement for proper one on one Pilates lessons in a Pilates Studio setting.


Birmingham Pilates Studios: light, bright and airy

Birmingham Pilates Studios: light, bright and airy. Photo by Emma (Instagram: cheerio_snaps)


But first …


What’s Pilates? – originally, a self-help improvement method for men


Pilates was created by a man.  He was a bullied, sickly child who and went on to become an all round strongman, inventor and motivator.  Joseph Pilates turned tables on the cards he was dealt.


Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates 1883 – 1967.


He was imprisoned during WW1 on the Isle of Man, left Germany because of the growth of fascism during the 1930s, left for New York where he started his studio and wrote one of the first “self-help” books of the twentieth century: “Return to Life through Contrology.  He didn’t do this on a wet Sunday afternoon: “Pilates” represents the entire life work of Joseph Pilates!

He originally designed his method for men.  In fact he trained both the Munich Police Force and Scotland Yard in self-defence!  He sometimes grumbled that his method had been “ruined by dancers” and felt that the method never got the recognition it deserved during his lifetime!  I wonder what he would make of the breadth and range and acceptance of Pilates today?


What’s in the OPFC?  Building Blocks …


It’s the Foundations of Pilates.  It’s the House Upon which Pilates is Built (thanks for liking my term, Nikki Chrysostomou).  There are lots of different ways of approaching Pilates and this is ours, the one I learned from Taha Erpulat and is the basis of Balanced Body training in Pilates.  So there’s pedigree behind this approach.


Why the OPFC?  it’s value added …


You can practice at home, capitalising on what we do in the studio.  You’ll progress much faster.  You’ll OWN your practice!  It’s yours, forever!


What’s in each installment?  – craptons of stuff …


All together there are nearly one hundred videos!  Each installment builds on the previous ones.

In every installment you will find:

  • A theme (or two or three) contained in each of the titles.
  • An introduction giving the low down.
  • “Pilates in Flow” – a video workout putting everything we’ve learned into a sequence.
  • Each exercise is broken down with text and video explaining the exercise.
  • FAQs


Is it “authentic” Pilates? – yes & no …


Not in the strictest definition of the word, no.  But everything in the OPFC feeds directly into our Pilates practice and it’s the easiest and fastest way (IMHO) to get started.  In later installments some Pilates Exercises are introduced from the Traditional Repertoire.

But everything there follows the “Principles of Pilates”:

 – Breathing –

 – Concentration –

 – Centering –

 – Control –

 – Precision –

 – Flowing Movement –

When you practice these exercises, bear these principles in mind.  The more your practice following these principles, the more Pilates – like your practice will be.  what’s not to love?


Pilates Foundations: “awareness raising” or “exercises”?


If you’re used to a PT, gym or fitness environment / philosophy, you might reasonably ask what does this do?  This is because it just doesn’t feel like “work” in the “no pain, no gain” way of thinking.

But there are many exercises that will change your mind about that and you will feel the work, I promise.  There’s no question that Pilates will make you as strong as an ox…

I promise that provided you are consistent and persistent with your practice, that after a while, when you do go to the gym, people will be asking how come you got to be so awesome!  You can smugly say: “Pilates”.


enough rambling, here’s the answer: 


Everything in Pilates is both an “exercise” and an exercise in “awareness raising“.


Safety – yeah, it’s important!


Most of these exercises are suitable for most anyone to do.  However, if you have doubts, pain or any other concern, get in touch, or ask a suitably qualified and experienced medical professional.  None of these exercise are intended as a therapy or substitution for proper medical intervention and advice.

If you suffer from osteoporosis, Deep Spinal Flexion is contraindicated.  Do not therefore perform exercises such as deep spinal flexion.




Pilates should challenge you, both mentally and physically.  Not the “no pain, no gain mentality” (there are many exceptions to this though), but it should be hard and it should challenge you both mentally and physically.  it’s a journey and we’re just starting!  So, be patient and be kind to yourself.  Step out of your comfort zone, by all means, but always keep one foot inside, so that you don’t become disillusioned.

Some of the exercises you will find not very challenging, and that’s fine, but always look for where the challenge might lie.  Other exercises will present a considerable challenge.  Keep working on them everyday and sooner or later, the door will ope and you’ll be able to walk into a room where new possibilities present themselves.

I love this quote from Joe: “what you least like, you do twice”!  Think about it.  See you soon 😉


Birmingham Pilates Studios: beautiful Brum!

Birmingham Pilates Studios: beautiful Brum…  and the start of your Pilates journey!  Photo by Emma (Instagram: cheerio_snaps)



Happy Platesing,


Miguel 🙂

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    Hello this is Hedi 🙂

    I just wanted to say that I loved the lunchtime matclasses. See you next year! x

    • Miguel Bengoa
      Posted at 14:01h, 06 November Reply

      Enjoy your work placement in Warwickshire and see you in 2020!

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