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The Wake Up  Exercises!

… Owning your Pilates Practice

Few peole can come into the studio, throw themselves onto the Mat and start with the One Hundred

These Wake Up Exercises get you ready for your Pilates practice – especially if you’ve just got up, or have been sitting in front of a computer all day!.

The Magic Circle and Mat are the easiest, the Cadillac Wake Up exercises you can do before your lesson and the Standing exercises offer a real challenge!

There is film footage of Joe showing how an ordinary morning routine can be transformed into a full body workout that improves strength stretch and balance control. He was also famous for encouraging (ordering) students to take a shower after a lesson and also encourage them to do exercises afterwards with the towel…

Cadillac Wake Up

So many possibilities open up on a Cadillac …


Learn this short routine to wake up your body before your lesson – it’s easy to learn and gives you a free add on to your lesson!

Pace & Level:  deliberate & elementary.

Magic Circle Wake Up

Mimic the Cadillac with just your Magic Circle!


  • hip, shoulder and spine mobility AND stability
  • hamstring and hip flexor stretches
  • alignment and posture
  • footwork

Pace & Level:  deliberate & elementary – but you can really speed this up!

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