Mat & Reformer Pilates Workshops

Reformer Pilates Workshops in Birmingham

For first timers to experts and anyone in between 🙂
Learn how the Pilates Method works
Very limited places, super inexpensive four hour Pilates workshops!

Mat & Reformer Pilates workshops are for First Timers, Seasoned Pilates Veterans and even teachers!

You will come away from these Mat & Reformer workshops at Foundation and Intermediate levels with an incredible understanding how Authentic Pilates is so much more than a random collection of exercises that changes every time you do them, but a very easy to understand and logical system.

Each exercise is connected to the next and each piece of apparatus (Mat, Reformer and more) are not separate things, but instead are deeply connected. 

"You can stand on a rock twirling a hula hoop and call it Pilates and some do (...) but that's not the system designed by Joseph Pilates.

Jay Grimes

These workshops are designed to show the actual authentic system designed by Joseph Pilates.

These are practical workshops and places are very limited.


This workshop is not suitable if you have an injury or are pregnant.   If this applies to you, please ask about our First Lesson & Starter package.

Upcoming Dates

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July 2022

Reformer Starters

10:00 - 15:00 July 10th
Cost: £55

Perfect for first timers. 

Reformer Intermediate

10:00 - 15:00 July 17th
Cost: £55

Builds on the Starter Repertoire.

The Pilates Workshop Programme

This applies for Mat, Reformer Workshops at Foundation and Intermediate Levels

We will be learning Foundational & Intermediate Level exercises.  You’ll perform the exercises on Reformer or Mat and on other studio apparatus: Tower, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and the Barrels as well as the small apparatus.

After a quick explanation, it’s totally practical. At the end, we’ll put it all together in one workout!

You will leave  these Pilates Workshops with a deep understanding of Pilates.  This is an authentic movement experience so that you can continue you your Pilates journey in confidence.

Pilates Workshops
Reformer Pilates Workshop

What do people say?

Very original and unique. I haven't seen anyone else offering something like this. It adheres to The Method and its brilliance!

Rosalie Sevell - owner of "Breathe Pilates", Sheffield

I wanted to learn what Pilates is about so I booked the workshop with Miguel. It was so worth it! I got what I was hoping for and even more. Miguel teaches by doing instead of just explanations - it's completely practical! Furthermore the studio is really nicely set up and filled with positive vibes 🙂 Highly recommended!

Noema Malecova - Google Review

You won't find a more informed teacher or a more informative workshop - there's no theory - 100% take home!

Sharon Barber - Attended Workshop

Available Workshops

These practical workshops will revolutionise how you think of Pilates!

"The thread that creates the web"

In these these practical workshops you will discover how both the Mat and the Reformer repertoire of exercises not only follow a coherent and logical thread through each workout, but like the thread that makes up a spider’s web, are deeply interconnected to each other and to the other Pilates apparatus both large and small.

Coming soon...

Is Pilates for you?

Pilates is for everyone – from older adults to elite athletes and dancers, from after having a baby to rehabilitation after an injury – Pilates can help you improve performance, reclaim mobility and achieve your goals.

These workshops are for anyone that want to learn more about Pilates. They are designed to perfectly complement First & Starter Pilates Lessons.

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5.0 42 reviews

  • Avatar Noema Malecová ★★★★★ a month ago
    I wanted to learn what Pilates is about and I booked a workshop with Miguel to get into it. It was so worth it! I got what I was hoping for and even more as Miguel … read more teaches you in the way of practising along with explanation instead of giving you too many information without an action. Furthermore the studio is really nice set up filled with positive vibes 🙂 Highly recommended !
  • Avatar Kerry Berry ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    This is the best pilates studio
    Miguel and Joanna are amazing
    Pilates has changed my life
    Give it a go you will not regret it
    The expertise that flows out of this
    … read more studio is Fantastic
  • Avatar Adriana Oliveira Alves ★★★★★ a month ago
    I’ve always heard about Pilates, but I could not understand the real benefits until I had my first lessons with Miguel. His knowledge is incredible and he really … read more knows how to explain you to understands the movements and the mindset. I’ve learned it’s much more than exercise or posture improvement. I feel more energised for work, for more exercises and much less headache, because it was caused from muscle neck pain. In few weeks, I already feel more fit. And the best part, the knowledge Miguel shares about Pilates is for life! I can only say thank you very much!

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