Team Lovebrum Thank You

Team LoveBrum & The Birmingham (Simplyhealth) Half Marathon

The Team LoveBrum

The first thing to mention is Love Brum. Team Love Brum, all nineteen of us running, raised more than £4500 for local Birmingham charities that don’t get the exposure that they deserve.  Of that money 100% will go to the designated projects!  Nothing is creamed off to sustain the organisation.And that is totally amazing.  Click here to go to their website and here for the YouTube channel which features some of the projects that they have supported!


Team LoveBrum

Team LoveBrum – I was running around in my usual pre-race panic when this was taken!


Running Training

Training was just three weeks!  Utterly pathetic! Just three weeks of training?  The first two weeks I built up some distance with two or three longer runs up to 18km and in the third week I added some speed work, trying to go faster as I was running very slowly!  I was seriously worried that I wold be making a new personal worst!


The Race

The weather was wet. Just like last year and this caused the organisers to tell us at the start of the race that they would be cutting out the section around Cannon Hill Park. That would mean that the race would be a mile shorter – in reality, it was more like two!. This was met with justifiable boos – especially from the elite. Those boos were not just for expressing disappeared because we were no longer running a marathon, but because some people would be using this race as a qualifier for another event that requires qualifying times to get entry. Imagine spending eighteen weeks preparing for a half marathon in order to qualify for something else and then it turns out not to be a half marathon after all.


Just how fast are the elite? Fast.  Very fast!


    1. Omar Ahmed:  Birchfield Harriers (00:52:18 )
    2. Douglas Musson: Notts Athletic Club (00:55:33)
    3. William Mycroft: Enfield and Haringey A C (00:56:41)

Enough said.  Totally awesome!


LoveBrum Winners Men

The Three Men Winners – Bravo!



My Race

My Race went well (1:30:00 – officially). I was significantly faster than in any of my training runs and even managed a negative split: completing the second half o f the race faster than the first half! I’m inspired and have spent time looking for more race to do. That’s when I stumbled on the Grand Union Canal Race: Birmingham to London 154 miles! OMG! That is a serious challenge! Not for me right now!


The Pilates Connection

I am convinced that it was Pilates that helped me maintain that speed without any injury. Pilates is about stabilisation and balancing muscle imbalances. And that is precisely what’s needed for events such as half marathons and marathons! Thank you Joseph Pilates!

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