The Matwork – from “Return to Life”

Matwork: “Return to Life” 


Here, are five exercises to get you started.  Do them in the order they are listed in and do these everyday to begin with.  It won’t take long and this repetition will help you learn the rudiments of the method.

After two weeks and you feel that you can remember these first five exercises, add one more exercise each day from the “Starters” list.

Matwork: “Return to Life” 


Here, you’ll find eleven exercises that form a starter programme and organised to create a full complement of wonderful work to help you become familiar with the original Pilates Method.

It’s best just to do the whole sequence everyday, that way excuses are more difficult and “putting-it-off-itis” is less likely to rear it’s head.  Simple rules are easier to follow!

The Single Straight Leg Stretch nor the Thigh Stretch were not a part of “Return to Life”, but are included for historical reasons…

Matwork “Return to Life” 


There are some serious challenges here for most people: The Open Leg Rocker, Neck Pull and Jackknife are difficult.

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