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The Magic Circle – a Reformer that fits into your bag!

It’s small and unassuming…

The story goes that Joe Pilates created the first Magic Circles out of beer barrel hoops!

You can take it on holiday with you.

It’s small and just about indestructible…

. it’s so versatile that it really is the Swiss Knife of Pilates!

Magic Circle 

Mammoth Workout!

Emphasis: everything!

  • It’s a complete workout.
  • I’ll be breaking it into more manageable chunks ASAP!

Pace & Level:  elementary and beyond and there’s some pace here as well!

Magic Circle 

Upper Body …

Emphasis: shoulders and arms.

  • distinguishing between armwork and shoulder work
  • both strength and mobility of shoulders and neck
  • alignment and posture

Pace & Level:  deliberate & elementary – but you can really speed this up!

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