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Starters …

This short exercise sequence is designed to help us learn the skills for and mirror the order of the Traditional Matwork. We are working in all the important positions: face up, side lying, face down and on all fours. Also, we are learning skills that help us with more challenging exercises that involve bending forwards, bending backwards and bending sideways.

There is a slight emphasis on backbending work as this is one way that people, like us, who sit for long periods of time can most benefit.


Runners …

We continue in all the important positions: face up, side lying, face down and on all fours.  But there is much more what traditionalists would call “Pilates”: we cover four out of The Series of Five (though I like to say “Fire”) – it’s a tough series of abdominal exercises – take your time and practice daily to get stronger!


Starters & Runners …

Coming very soon!

Check back Friday 17th …

Think of this as a “Half Monty”!  This is for those people that have learned the “Starters” and some of the “Runners” series.  You can begin combining the two together in a longer workout.  It’s like a halfway house before The Full Monty!


Flyers …

There are no shortage of challenges here!  Keep practising the “Starters” & “Flyers” series so that you don’t forget!


The Full Monty!

This is all the #pilates4life2020 exercises put together.  It’s a real challenge, especially if you want to do all the exercises in one flowing sequence, without stopping.  There’s enough work to last most people of daily practice for several weeks!

Magic Circle

Full Body & Upper Body

Emphasis: everything!

  • It’s a complete workout.
  • Pace & Level:  elementary and beyond.

Emphasis: shoulders and arms.

  • Build strength and mobility of shoulders and neck.
  • Alignment and posture.
  • Pace & Level:  deliberate & elementary