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About your Reformer

The Reformer – The quintessential Pilates apparatus.

This apparatus is famous for it’s versatility.

You literally can spend the rest of your life mastering the Reformer exercise repertiore!

The Reformer 

Starters’  & Runners’ Workout

Emphasis: learning The Repertoire.  There’s a lot here and it’ll keep you busy for may months, or even years!  There s no sound on this video, rather there are subtitles naming each exercise and each variation.

  • It’s a complete workout designed to get your started.
  • Most of this reflects the easier traditional repertoire together with some more contemporary variations and Pre-Pilates.
  • Pace & Level:  given some time, most healthy people can manage these exercises – though at a more leisurely pace!

Starters’ Video.  The main exercise series:

Footwork: Parallel, Small V, Wide V (Starters)
Abdominals: Supine Arms to One Hundred (Starters)
Feet in Straps (Starters)
Long Box Series (Starters)
Short Box Abdominals
Long Stretch Series
Stomach Massage Series
Abdominals: Kneeling ⁃ Cat / Camel (Starters)
Knee Stretch Series (Starters)
Bridging (Starters)
Armwork Facing Risers (Starters)
Armwork Facing Front (Starters)
Side Splits (Starters)
Front Splits
Mermaid (Starters)
Eve’s Lunge

The Small Print – Please Read

Please Obtain Your Doctor’s Permission Before Beginning Any Exercise Program.

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We recommend in the strongest terms possible that you get a physical examination from a doctor before participating in any exercise activity.

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