Pilates Barrels

Audio versions 0f these videos coming soon …

Step Barrel: aka Spine Corrector

About Pilates Barrels: click here

Spinal Mobility, Control & Abdominals

Deepen the Curve

Well Roll Downs & Reach

Well Roll Downs with Rotation

Side Sit Ups

Side Sit Ups with Rotation

Side Sit Ups with Mermaid ending

Teasers: Forward & Reverse

Teasers: Roll Back

Teasers: Leg Lifts

Teasers: Whole Body

Teasers: Roll Back

Teasers: Leg Lifts

Teasers: Whole Body

Hip Mobility Series

Rolling In & Out


Leg Circles




Low Bridge

Shoulder Bridge prep

Back Arch & Bridge

Roll Overs

Tic Toc

Roll Overs / Overhead Stretch


Prone Work




The Mat on the Barrel

One Hundred

Overhead Stretch

Ladder Barrel

Swan prep

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