Pilates Video Resources: What do you get?

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What do you get?

1. Pilates

... getting close to the original is real detective work


Reformer Courses

Basic and intermediate levels.  Advanced, coming soon.


Exercises added after Joe Pilates & Romana Kryzanowska.



Get started with the traditional Matwork.

“Return to Life” Matwork Course

The original Matwork published in Joe Pilates’ book “Return to Life”.


Spine Corrector

All Pilates is for the spine – but this is special.


Wunda Chair

The world’s most uncomfortable chair that’s also a gym!

Trapeze Table

AKA “Cadillac” Basics

Roll Down Bar, Supine Arm Springs & Leg Springs, Push Through Bar & Standing springs with Roll Down Bar.

2. Pre-Pilates

Pilates based exercises on Mat.

Breathing, Ribs and Abdominal work

Learn breathing techniques and control to take your Pilates practice to the next level!

Spine, Neck & Ribs

Exercises that help you get a healthy spine: both strong and mobile.

Lower Body

Exercises that focus on your pelvis, hips, knees, ankles and feet and even toes!

Upper Body

Exercises that focus on shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands.


Improve your balance (both stationary and in movment) to help prevent falls.

Bonus: #pilates4life2020

Get started with a mix of Pre-Pilates and Pilates progressive exercise sequences.

The “Mission Statement”

Finding the best balance within the imbalance…

These pages were inspired by confusion over what Pilates is and isn’t.  And it’s a very personal journey of discovery.

I’m still very much on that journey. It’s a process of constant and ongoing renewal and improvement. 

This is my humble contribution to learning & maintaining the integrity of The Pilates Method. It’s rooted in the early Twentieth Century but is more relevant than ever a hundred years later.

Pilates is so much more than the exercises. It was designed to help people become stronger in Mind, Body, Spirit.  

The Method was originally developed (in extremely difficult conditions) as a complete system to improve all aspects of life.

I firmly believe that Pilates is for EVERY body. Regardless.  It’s a “will do” thing, not an “can’t do” thing. 

The Lowdown

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Look ahead
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