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Pilates TV: What do you get?

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What do you get?

1. Pilates

... getting close to the original is real detective work


Supplementary Exercises


First Lesson
First Lesson Modified
Core 1 & 2


Spine Corrector


Wunda Chair

Trapeze Table

AKA “Cadillac” Basics

2. Pre-Pilates

Pilates based exercises on Mat.

Spine, Neck & Ribs

Exercises focussing on your spine: both strong and mobile.

Breathing, Ribs and Abdominal work

Learn breathing techniques and control.

Lower Body

Exercises that focus on your pelvis, hips, knees, ankles and feet and even toes!

Upper Body

Exercises that focus on shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands.


Improve your balance (both stationary and in movement) to help prevent falls.

Bonus: #pilates4life2020

Get started with a mix of Pre-Pilates and Pilates progressive exercise sequences.

The Lowdown

# of Videos:
< 500
Added value #1
Get extra insights
Added value #2
Practice at Home
Added value #3
See what’s next

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