There's much more to Pilates...

than just exercises on a Mat or a Reformer

It's a System, a Method, a Concept.

Birmingham Pilates Studios

Pilates challenges what is strong and strengthens what is weak

It's the best kept secret of people in elite sports, dancers and celebrities

Snake and Twist


I’m Miguel, teacher and owner of Birmingham Pilates. Welcome! 

So, what so we do? We help anyone get fitter. Rather than Rehab we like to focus on “Prehabilitation” – preventing that debilitating problem appearing in the first place.

But we also work with footballers, athletes and dancers to strengthen weaknesses and balance out those imbalances that cause injury.

We have over thirty years of experience and offer Pilates (TRX but with a deep Pilates influence) to suit every level and type of person regardless.

Pilates has got your back regardless of your fitness level or anything else.

Why not  book yourself a first lesson?

Hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,
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What will Pilates do for you?

Authentic Pilates is much more than a few gentle stretches on a mat. It’s exercise – it’s HARD exercise. It’s not for everybody.

Pilates is a genuine holistic exercise method. The exercises are designed to work the whole of the body AND mind. You’ll need to fully use your mind to generate force of will, focus on alignment and eliminate compensations and “cheats”… 

Authentic Pilates strengthens you where you are weak and challenges you where you are strong. The central nervous system is literally re-programmed as it rewires itself to these new demands.

People walk out the door feeling more invigorated, lively and energetic. Over time, you will get a whole new body. You’ll feel and look younger and other people will notice!

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What's New at Birmingham Pilates?

Pilates Black Friday

It's Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Get 50% off a One on One “First Lesson”  (£27.50 instead of £55) and two One on One lessons at £48 each.

Promo ends in:

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– Choose your teacher: Olga or Miguel
– All lessons to be booked with 28 days
– Offer expires midnight Monday November 28th

Different Strokes for Different Folks...

Different options to suit different goals, timetables and budgets!

Option 1: One on One & Duet Pilates Sessions

These are ongoing Pilates Sessions. Non Pilates exercises, order & apparatus such as Foam Roller / Massage Balls / Swiss Balls / TRX might be used.

Option 2: One on One "Bolt Ons" & "Your Time Pilates"

Work towards independent practice for timetabling flexibility, economy & value. You’ll learn the Pilates’ System – the way that Joseph Pilates intended.

Extras: Group Studio Pilates Classes

Try a Pilates Class on all the studio apparatus!

Extras. TRX Suspension Training

TRX is a form of suspension body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility using body weight.