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More than just doing Pilates – you’ll learn Pilates …

Pilates Method Alliance

I’m Miguel Bengoa: studio owner & instructor

– 500 hours of Comprehensive Training

– Pilates Method Alliance Certification

– Years of experience


Any questions?  Get in touch – I love to help.

Birmingham Pilates Studios

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Pilates Method Alliance

Miguel Bengoa: studio owner & Pilates Instructor

– Pilates Method Alliance Certification 
(the only accredited, third-party certification program for Pilates)

– 500 hours of Comprehensive Training 

– Apprenticeship: Body Arts Pilates Studios 


Questions?  Get in touch – I love to help.

It’s about you…


Your Pilates programme is designed around you to give you a better spine, stronger, leaner muscles yet more flexibility.  Compensations and imbalances will be evened out.  Chances of injury, minimised.  You’ll look better, you’ll feel better and you’ll get a whole new body!  And, other people will notice.


There are two causes of bad posture: Gravity & Time.  Pilates is the antidote.



You’ll learn Pilates, not just do Pilates.


You’ll learn the “secrets”, the whys and wherefores behind the method!  You’ll learn the exercises and the “how to”.  You’ll be able to take charge of your own health & fitness.  All that means that you’ll get to keep it forever!


Of course, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.  You’ll be in safe hands, either way 🙂

Birmingham Pilates Studio Space
You can socially distance in 586sqft of space!

Assessment Lesson: your beginning!

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Feet in Straps
Working together.

Where are you now?

Whether you’re a professional athlete, whether your desk is getting you down or whether a sedentary life in lockdown is catching up with you, you will get to where you want to.


Distance Learning and Face to Face (pandemic restrictions permitting)


We don’t do “one size fits all”.  Your programme is personal, so you’ll be doing what’s best for your body.


This will have a positive effect on your body and self image. You will overcome physical limitations. You will become more stable, strong and planted and yet more flexible. You will stand taller. You will breathe with more depth, power and control. You will feel more alive.


The cost of not doing Pilates?

“If only I’d done something sooner…”


It’s never too late to start.  But the later you leave it the more difficult it becomes!  It’s about the quality of your life.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!”

Lynn A. (thanks for that :-))


Your life will change…

“Sports are wonderful for the constitution generally,” Joseph Pilates said in “Cutting a Fine Figure”, (Reader’s Digest, October 1934), “but they are of little value for correcting what’s wrong with you – and there’s something wrong with almost everyone. ‘Corrective Exercise’ is the only way to build a beautiful, strong, youthful body.”


You’ll look better, feel better and live better!  Whether you’re training for an Ironman Triathlon, want to do the garden, recover after childbirth or want to reach up to the overhead kitchen cupboards, Pilates will get you to where you want to be.


“Change your body and balance your life…” – 


Change means embracing the future, that’s why we ask you about your future self.  We’ll be thinking about your progress when you’re not at the studio and you’ll be practising  between lessons.  You’ll look better, feel better and other people will notice.  That’s where we’re headed, because that’s what we want.  Other people have done it and so can you.

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