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Strength and Flexibility with Control.

Birmingham Pilates Studios

Quality Movement is Strength and Flexibility with Control 

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Follow our Reformer Starters exercises on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

There’s a new video and explanation every day!

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Why Choose Us?

You get the best in body learning.

  • Learn how Pilates works in your body.
  • Experience a personal and bespoke approach.
  • We don’t teach the exercise, we teach the person.
  • Trained by the biggest & best in the world: Balanced Body®.
  • Premium video content available when you start your course.

We Make It Easy

  • Online appointment system for booking and payment.
  • Easy transport links and easy parking.
  • Showers and changing rooms.
  • FAQs page. Click here.

Getting Started

  • 1:1 Assessment Lesson – then
    • 5x Starter Lessons (recoup Assessment Cost)
    • Individual Lessons
    • Small Group on Mat & Reformer. 
  • For experts: Self Access – work alone.

More details on our “Class Info” page. Click here.

Miguel Bengoa: Owner and Instructor
Miguel Bengoa: your host.

Assessment Lesson: your beginning!

We charge £25 for our Assessment Lessons. There, I’ve said it!


But when you book your “Starter Lessons”, use the promo code: REDEEM-TRIAL to get the £25 back :-)))

We are helpful



Before anything else, book our Assessment Lesson. If you are unsure, please call us and we can help you.

Pilates: Wunda Chair
Pilates: Wunda Chair

Refresh Your Brain.  Invigorate Your Body.


You can do just that in our Premier Pilates Studio.  Set high up in the iconic Custard Factory (Zellig building) in the heart of the artistic quarter of Birmingham, we offer unparalleled views of the city and sky. Here, you can challenge both your body and mind to grow and learn.  We offer Pilates lessons to small groups and individuals on mat and equipment.


At our studio, you won’t just do crunches, you’ll be cultivating an awareness of how your body works. This will have a positive effect on your body and self image. You will overcome physical limitations. You will become more stable, strong and planted and yet more flexible. You will stand taller. You will breathe with more power. In short, you will feel more alive.  This, we promise.


Do yourself a favour – book a no obligation Assessment Lesson now.


Wunda Chair: Press Up Chest Lift

How We Work

Why do Pilates? Why use Equipment?


Pilates is so much more than exercises on a mat.


A whole industry exists which offers great promises and is based solely on Matwork.  Although Matwork is the full expression of Joseph Pilates’ work, alone, it does not contain all the building blocks that help to re-educate the body.  Due to the time & expense it takes to complete Comprehensive Training in all equipment (let alone the cost of buying the equipment and housing it), many people stop short of learning the whole system, and so only learn a small fraction of what the system can offer.


The studio equipment provides both assistance and resistance, offering greater feedback, thus increasing body awareness.


At our studio you have to opportunity to experience the whole system.  The 34 Matwork  exercises are an end point, not the starting point.

About our Assessment Lesson

How it works …

  • Birmingham Pilates Studios offers everyone a 1:1 Assessment Lesson (£25).
  • Click the button, select your preferred day and time.
  • Fill in the online medical screening questionnaire – it saves lesson time!
  • You’ll get a confirmation email, a reminder text and email 48 hours before.
  • Use the promo code REDEEM-TRIAL when you book Starter Lessons.

In this Lesson:

  • You can meet your instructor and see the studio.
  • Share a tea or coffee :-).
  • Get to know you: answer any questions.
  • Posture analysis.
  • Using different equipment we demonstrate various exercises.

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