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Miguel Bengoa: Studio Owner & Teacher

Hi there!  🙂

I’m Miguel, Pilates teacher and studio owner.  I’m so glad you’re here!

I sincerely believe that Pilates, originally called “Contrology” (brilliant name IMHO) is the best and most complete Functional Training Method ever, bar none. 

I want to share with you everything that Pilates offers. I want you to get the very best; smash your goals & totally surprise yourself!  I want your self-confidence to soar.  In short, be in control of your body and be free!

Have a browse around: check out the info page to learn about “the journey”, the resource page for video tutorials and the blog for FAQs, and much more.  Sign up for the weekly Newsletter for updates and promotions.

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Say goodbye to backache…

Whether you’re training for an Ironman Triathlon, want to do the garden without pain, recover after childbirth or just want to reach up to the overhead kitchen cupboards like you once did: a Personal Pilates Programme will help you achieve these goals.

Personalised Pilates: How it Works

1:1 First Lesson“, then “1:1 Starter Lessons“: start your personal programme & immediately feel the benefits. 

Pilates Gym” – all advantages: no large groups, plenty of personal space, flexible start & end times. Workout at your own pace on Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair etc. Best value.”Bolt-On” 1:1 sessions to your Gym Sessions, or just stick to 1:1 privates.

Online Classes: Mixed Level Mat Group Classes

Joanna Myślicka
We do have Joanna but not the lake!

Watch the Testimonial Video

"... something I have learned is to make Pilates part of my daily routine..."

-- Lynn

... knows exactly what he's talking about & straight to the point!"

-- Max

"My chronic back problem has gone, thanks to Miguel"

-- Farrah

"One hundred percent five stars - I can't fault it at all"

-- Darren

"... it's a safe environment"

-- Farrah

"Doing something doesn't guarantee success, but doing nothing guarantees failure"

-- Lydon

True Mind, Body, Spirit Exercise!

Concentrate the mind:

 – to move the body

Control the body:

– to regain control

Develop the Spirit:

 – to commit to self

The Pilates Method is "Contrology"

Few people know that the original word of what we call “Pilates” was Contrology. It’s a perfect name for Pilates because it’s all about regaining lost mobility and strength – regaining control of our body. This is not some Snake Oil Mumbo Jumbo.

It’s about your spine and everything that connects to it.  It’s a complete method of “body re-building” from the inside out.

“Pilates is the complete coordination of the mind, body & spirit.”
–Joe Pilates


Practise concentration on movement – not mindless repetition. You will automatically become more aware of posture in daily life.


Rediscover long forgotten muscles and “wring out” the causes of non-specific backache and poor posture..


Commit to getting the best out of each “repetition” and your own future health & well-being…

It IS work. It requires some grit and determination. But it’s also rewarding, life changing and great fun!

Your Pilates Journey...

... & "what's new" & promotions.

1. "Starters": one on one lessons...

2. "Movers": meeting goals

Online Classes

Questions? I love to help.

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What's the cost of not doing Pilates?

You can’t argue with time & gravity, but but you CAN limit their effect. A properly designed Pilates Workout is the remedy.

“If only I’d done something sooner…”


It’s never too late to start.  But the later you leave it, the more difficult it becomes! 

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!”

— Lynn

There are many other training programmes out there – nd poor Pilates.  Contrology Pilates just goes deeper.  You learn to work from the inside to the outside.

That makes all the superficial things we know, love and want just happen automatically.  What’s not to love?

Our Joanna: The Expert

Change your body and balance your life…

You’ll look better, feel better and live better!  Whether you’re training for an Ironman Triathlon, want to do the garden, recover after childbirth or want to reach up to the overhead kitchen cupboards, Pilates will take you from where you are to get you to where you want to be.

What did Joe Pilates say?

"Sports are wonderful for the constitution generally, but they are of little value for correcting what’s wrong with you – and there’s something wrong with almost everyone. ‘Corrective Exercise’ is the only way to build a beautiful, strong, youthful body.”

-- Joseph Pilates in 1934