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Bring out your inner athlete!

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"Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects posture,
restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit”
The best kept secret of people in elite sports, dancers and celebrities.
What do you get?
Hi, I'm Miguel: teacher & studio owner - nice to meet you!


I’m Miguel, Pilates geek, teacher and owner of Birmingham Pilates. First, I’d like to thank you for visiting.

You’ve probably heard that Pilates is the best kept health & fitness secret of dancers and celebrities and elite athletes. And it is.

We offer 1:1 lessons leading to Personal Practice Pilates Sessions – independent practice sessions where you can go at your own pace.

We want you to learn so that you can take control of your own workouts, understand what you’re doing and become independent.

Though really easy to understand, Authentic Pilates is a mental and physical challenge.

This is quite unlike any other fitness training. And even if you’ve done Pilates before, be prepared to be surprised. 

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Three Easy Steps to Pilates Success!

Would a tennis player want a tennis coach for every game they played?

Of course not. The coach coaches. The player plays.

We're the coach. You're the player.

Step 1: First Session (1:1)

Creating your programme: 90 minute session

Step 2: Starter Sessions (1:1)

Mastering your programme: 60 minute sessions

Step 3: Personal Practice Sessions

Independent Practice: flexible timing & incredible value!

Or, Step 3: continued 1:1 lessons

Watch the Testimonial Videos

"... something I have learned is to make Pilates part of my daily routine..."

-- Lynn

... knows exactly what he's talking about & straight to the point!"

-- Max

"My chronic back problem has gone, thanks to Miguel"

-- Farrah

"One hundred percent five stars - I can't fault it at all"

-- Darren

"... it's a safe environment"

-- Farrah

"Doing something doesn't guarantee success, but doing nothing guarantees failure"

-- Lyndon

Mat Pilates? Reformer Pilates? Dynamic Reformer? Cardio Pilates? HIIT Pilates? Athletic Pilates? Yogalates? Piloxing? Megaformer? Physio Pilates? Rehab Pilates?

Why are there are so many different types of Pilates?

“By a strange twist of fate, the name Pilates is in the public domain as a generic term. You can stand on a rock twirling a hula hoop and call it Pilates. And some do!”

“There are so many versions of Pilates that not only the general public but the medical profession is confused!”

“There are so many Pilates based and Pilates inspired variations that bear no resemblance to one another, yet they all claim the name.”

“This does not mean that they are all bad. On the contrary, some of them are extremely good and much needed.”

“But they are not the exercise method created by Joseph Pilates.”

— Jay Grimes in “The Red Thread of Pilates” by Kathy Ross Nash
What we do...

We don’t stand on rocks twirling hula hoops, we do the exercise method created by Joseph Pilates.

Challenge yourself!
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For Best Results: personalised sessions

Is Pilates for you?

Pilates is for everybody with a body!

Pilates, done properly, does much more than just fix poor posture. It’s quite literally “body-building and coordinating” but from the inside out. Pilates is all about the spine because everything is attached to it.

Muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia are stretched and strengthened. Pilates stimulates the flow of the blood and lymphatic systems, lax joints are tightened and tight joints are loosened.

Pilates strengthens you where you are weak and challenges you where you are strong.

Even the central nervous system changes as it rewires itself adapting itself to these changes. 

Pilates aka “Contrology”, is designed to totally and completely rejuvenate.

Authentic Pilates - it's a journey

"Dynamic Authentic Pilates"?

Not from the first day, but Authentic Pilates is fast & dynamic.

To do more exercises in a session, we do few repetitions. It’s a journey and we’ll show you the way.

Group Pilates Classes?

Group Classes become “exercise classes” – unless you know the Pilates Method already. They have their value, but we offer much more.

Personal Practice Sessions?

Your practice at your pace allows you to get it into your body.

Don’t be restricted by class timetables – come when you want to. And it’s cheaper than most classes!

Why not just go to the gym?

Progress in the gym is based on load and repetition. It’s compressive. The body is atomised.  Pilates is a totally different concept: it stretches, strengthens and finds length simultaneously. And the “control” part makes you use your mind.

Isn't Pilates for women?

Pilates is for everyBODY that wants to get strong, stretch and regain control! Originally, Pilates was designed for men.

Are we Certified?

Yes, and with the only true Third Party Certification in the world: the National Pilates Certification Programme. A “Pay if you Pass Pilates Certification” costing just £211 is totally different – they do exist.