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Classical Pilates

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Miguel Bengoa: Studio Owner & Teacher


I’m Miguel, Pilates educator & owner of Birmingham Pilates Studios, in “ZELLIG” – in the Creative Quarter of Birmingham: Digbeth.

Classical Pilates is Pilates learned directly from the genius of Joseph Pilates. It’s learned from people that learned with Joe himself. I’m third generation.

We offer personalised one-on-one lessons & Personal Practice. we call it Pilates “Unlimited”. It offers unparalleled timetabling flexibility and unbeatable value.

We also offer small group classes on Saturday mornings  as well as lunchtime Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Start Your Pilates Journey

1:1 First Lesson → 1:1 Starter Lessons → Pilates "Unlimited"

Mat Classes: Tuesdays, Thursday & Saturdays

Step One: First Lesson

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Step Two: "Starter Lessons"

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6x Starter Lessons for just £180 from £288. Usual price £288.

Step Three: Pilates "Unlimited" & "Bolt Ons"

Pilates “Unlimited” is Personal Practice. It offers unequalled timetabling flexibility and best value for money bar none.

Backed up with 1:1 Bolt Ons.

Pilates Mat

Tuesdays & Thursday lunchtimes & Saturday mornings.

What is "Classical Pilates"?

There are so many Pilates based and Plates inspired variations that bear no resemblance to each other, yet they all claim the name "Pilates"...

There’s a lot of confusion about what Pilates is.  Ask ten Pilates teachers what Pilates is and you’ll get ten different answers. Pilates is, an fact, an old German family name and the exercise method we call Pilates was invented by one Joseph Pilates. He gave it the wonderful name: “Contrology”.

To keep it honest we teach that same system created by Joseph Pilates. With nothing added and  nothing taken away.

The results, benefits, and transformations that people talk about are all true. Pilates really does promote improved joint health, better muscle balance, and younger appearance.

But you have to do the work: there is no magic bullet. And that’s where we come in. We help you develop your own Pilates Practice for improved strength & mobility, better posture & vitality so you can do life better and for longer!

PIlates Wunda Chair
"Contrology" on the Wunda Chair

I love a good Pilates quote!

By a strange twist of fate, the name Pilates is now in the public domain as a generic term. You can stand on a rock twirling a hula hoop and call it Pilates. And some do. There are so many versions of Pilates that not only the general public, but the medical profession as well, are confused. There are so many Pilates based and Plates inspired variations that bear no resemblance to each other, yet they all claim the name. This does not mean that they are all bad, Quite the contrary, some of them are extremely good and much needed. But they are not the exercise method created by Joseph Pilates.

... Contrology* is not "medicine" or even "physical therapy" . For it's aim is not specifically corrective but generally body building and co-ordinating. Hence it's uses are neither "patients" nor "treated". Each STUDENT is given as nearly as possible the same regimen and in kinds and amounts equal to his or her requirements under careful supervision. And only if approved by his or her family physician.

*Contrology is the name Joe Pilates gave to his exercise system. It never caught on in his time and it’s unlikely to any time soon. More’s the pity – it’s a perfect name for the Method.

Authentic Pilates Lessons

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