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The most unlikely Pilates teacher you’ll probably ever meet!

I’m Miguel and the owner of your studio.  I’ll be your teacher.  So why am I the most unlikely Pilates teacher you’re ever likely to meet?

I wasn’t a dancer, a physiotherapist nor a Personal Trainer.  I was a farm worker, window cleaner, then a groom in stables and after uni (mature student), I spent 20 years as an TEFL teacher in Spain, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Cyprus and finally, Turkey. 

Perfection isn’t a Principle of Pilates – it's a journey.

The job in Turkey was becoming something I didn’t like.  I resolved to change my life.  I started running and cycling and going to the gym.  There, a friend showed me some Pilates exercises.  I was hooked!

From Izmir to here in Brum (there’s a story there – ask me 🙂).  Now, I’m never bored!  I write for Pilates Intel magazine and take lessons from some of the world’s greatest Pilates Superstars!  And the more I learn and the more my practice deepens, the more interesting it becomes!

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Balanced Body
Pilates Method Alliance
NPCP Teacher

Become truly empowered

... own your own health

Language teaching gave me special insights into teaching.  You have to be student centered.  More importantly, you can’t be a successful learner if you are always dependent on your teacher.  Using a second language successfully IS being independent.  I believe that there is too much “teaching” and not enough “learning” in the Pilates world.

The more you can work independently, the more advanced you are – you own your own workout and you start to become truly empowered!


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  • Avatar Cee Cee Palmer ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    I can honestly say this is one of the best investments I’ve made - in myself, my body and my journey to fully appreciating Pilates. Miguel is so approachable, he … read more really listens to what you what to achieve for yourself and pushes you each lesson to learn new routines; apparatus and also the connection Pilates makes through your whole person.
    I am thoroughly enjoying my time during both the one and one sessions, alongside the group sessions which really help you hone in on what you’ve learned and also gain inspiration and friendship from fellow learners.
    Initially I was nervous as a larger person pursuing something which I knew would be challenging - but it’s not only changing my body and my strength (which was super important to me) but also my confidence and my mind set. If you’re thinking about coming - I would urge you to just do it and book that first lesson! You will not be disappointed 🙂
  • Avatar Patricia Sweeney ★★★★★ a year ago
    Had my first Pilates lesson via Zoom today and what a revelation. Miguel could see everything I did clearly and corrected me if my posture or position was not right. … read more His instructions were very clear and concise and in fact it felt like I worked harder at home than in the studio. I would recommend this way of teaching and it means you can continue your Pilates journey from anywhere which is amazing.
  • Avatar Rowan McConkey ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I've been having private classes with Miguel for a few months now and they have been great. Miguel is a fantastic teacher and coach and has helped me into a … read more Pilates routine that I can maintain and that complements my work as a musician (many hours playing in all manner of weird positions)!
    If you're looking for one-to-one coaching look no further!

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