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Preparing for your first Pilates Class

Walking into your first Pilates class can be nerve-wracking, especially when the studio has unusual-looking equipment scaling the walls. It can feel intimidating as you may not have seen anything like this before!

The role of any Pilates instructor or studio manager is to help make you feel at ease and be warmly welcomed into the studio. First off, you will be introduced and shown around to help calm any nerves and reassure you that you will enjoy your experience. It is important to us as instructors that we help soothe our clients and make them feel they have made the right decision. They are in good hands and are about to embark on a clever workout system that will get their body into great shape and help them feel good!

Pilates studios usually provide all the equipment you will need for the session. So, not much is needed to invest in, maybe just a water bottle to bring along. Did you know that Pilates is traditionally practiced without footwear? So there’s no need to invest in the latest trendy trainers either! For hygiene, you may decide to keep socks on. And when you commit to a block of classes, investing in a pair of grippy workout socks is a great idea to prevent slipping.

The mats provided in studios are thicker than yoga mats to provide more cushioning and padding for rolling exercises. This protects bony areas of the hips, spine, and shoulders. Classical Pilates mats also have extra features such as wooden hand dowels and a foot strap to make the most out of each exercise and give your body feedback.

Keep your workout attire simple. Anything breathable, easy to move in, and fairly form-fitting is ideal. Avoid anything too over baggy so your instructor can easily see your alignment during exercises, such as your shoulders, hips, and spine. Also, avoid zips on any leggings or vests as these can be damaging to the upholstery of the apparatus.

Removing jewellery is a must before coming to class. Ideally, leave it at home. But most studios provide lockers for you to securely store personal items. Bracelets and necklaces can get caught up in straps, and long hair must be tied back as loose hair can be a nightmare if caught in springs. We keep scissors in a top drawer of the office just in case!

Pilates workouts can be a mix of mat exercises or studio apparatus exercises. Mat exercises are done on the floor with just your mat and minimal equipment. Studio apparatus exercises involve using equipment like the reformer, Cadillac/tower, chairs, barrels, etc. You may have signed up for a group class where you will learn routines on one piece of apparatus with others at a similar level and experience. Alternatively, you may be in a one-on-one private lesson setting where you will work with your teacher on various studio apparatus tailored to your body needs for that day. We always recommend that the first visit to the studio is a private one-on-one session so that you receive individual attention and any imbalances can be addressed.

In our classical studio, we offer both private, duet, and small group classes to get the best out of our clients’ bodies. We’re committed to working with you and ensuring that you achieve your best form with maximum focus and determination.

Welcome to the world of Pilates, where your body will find newfound strength, flexibility, and balance. We can’t wait to accompany you on your Pilates journey!

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