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Energise your workday – the benefits of Pilates in the workplace

Do you spend long hours sitting at a desk, feeling drained and lacking energy? It’s time to bring a little Pilates into your workday to make significant changes to the way you feel and move!

In this post, well explore the benefits of practicing Pilates regularly within your working week and how the benefits stretch beyond just physical fitness but also boosting your mind and focus so work becomes productive, memory and concentration can also be improved too. Physically you can improve your posture and hold yourself better so you move more efficiently and enhance your overall well being.
Pilates can literally help you reset your energy levels, invigorating your body and mind with mindful movement and invigorating exercise that literally wrings out your body with breathing exercises and focused movement to help your body and mind dovetail together.
You can expect to experience improved circulation and a calmer mind and stronger feeling body in a short session within your lunch break, this is how potent a session of Pilates can be! Sitting for long periods of time in slouchy positions or at a computer craning the neck to stare at the screen all day will not do your body any favours in the ‘feel -good department’ and many clients come in feeling compressed and aching in their joints where they are slumping over their desks all day.
Typically a Pilates studio is a quiet meditative space where traditionally music is not played, allowing the exercises to be executed with focus and a quiet mind to access intelligence, imagery, will, intuition and memory. Finding 30-45 minutes to join a Pilates group or private lesson can make so much difference to how your body can feel!
You can re educate your body to move, sit and stand more efficiently and your Pilates lessons will give you transferable skills to be able to make changes in the way you move, sit and stand in other areas of your life too – Pilates is far more than the few sessions you attend in class you will be on a journey of self discovery and implementing these into your other activities!
The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body, not at its mercy J. Pilates

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