Preparing for your first Pilates Class

Walking into your first Pilates class can be nerve-wracking, especially when the studio has unusual-looking equipment scaling the walls. It can feel intimidating as you may not have seen anything like this before! The role of any Pilates instructor or studio manager is to help make you feel at ease and be warmly welcomed into […]

Why is Pilates so Expensive?

Wunda Chair: Side Balance Control

Why is Pilates so Expensive?  Actually, it isn’t at all. It can be free!  Get started with out One a Day Matwork for beginners series on YouTube … Or, you can buy the book: it costs less than £12! Click here to buy. Joseph Pilates wanted everyone to be self-sufficient in their fitness workouts. […]

The Pilates Apparatus

The Pilates Apparatus A Pilates studio is full of apparatus but it’s totally unlike anything you’ve seen in a gym.  Even a dedicated Pilates Mat with it’s handles and strap is different than a regular exercise mat: see this post’s “featured image”. One big difference is that most gym equipment has just one single purpose. […]

What is Pilates Designed to Do?


What will Pilates do for you? Pilates can have amazing and incredible positive effects on the whole of your life.  It truly is Mind, Body Spirit work – without the snake oil!   Joe claimed he was 50 years ahead of his time.  Science still has not fully caught up. Summary The whole body is wrung-out […]

What makes Birmingham Pilates different?

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We strive to be one of the best Pilates trainers in the UK. We do so much more than just offer Mat Pilates or Reformer Classes. We take a personalised approach that makes your objectives the core of what we do!

Pilates Myth Busting & FAQs

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Myth Busting video and FAQs to read! Have a question that’s not featured here? Just get in touch and I’ll write an answer for you right here!