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After your First Pilates Session...

Option #2: "My Time" Pilates Practice & Bolt On Lessons

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Advantages of "My Time" Pilates Practice

Cost & value for money

It’s the most effective AND the inexpensive option:

  • Most effective? Everyday practice at home.
  • Inexpensive? Think half the price of regular 1:1 sessions.. 

Get Started with "Starter Lessons"

Between 6-12 Starter Lessons will help you:

  • learn the programme,
  • operate the apparatus,
  • be safe,
  • start your home practice.

You'll really get to understand what you're doing

Would you hire a tennis coach to play your games for you? Of course you wouldn't!

Understanding and having your own Pilates practice trumps always following instructions.

You'll learn Authentic Pilates - as it was intended

This is “the whole pie” – not Mat Pilates nor reformer Pilates – but the integrated method.

Don’t take our word for it. Joseph Pilates himself tells us what “contrology” is and isn’t. 

... Contrology is not "medicine" or even "physical therapy'. For it's aim is not specifically corrective but generally body-building and coordinating.. Hence its users are neither "patients" nor "treated". Each student is given as nearly as possible the same regimen, and in kinds and amounts equal to his or her requirements under careful supervision.

We are “students” of “the same regimen” – the fitness method that Joe Pilates himself created. Nothing added nor taken away.

Running late? Need extra time?

If you’re running late, it doesn’t matter – you’re not dependent on your teacher to start.

Running late? Need extra time?

Want extra time? No problem, provided that the apparatus is free, you can have extra time.

Timetabling Flexibility

If you work shifts or an irregular life full of commitments, then this is perfect for you!

“My Time” Pilates Practice Sessions are not dependent on the teacher so this offers  much more timetabling flexibility than regular Pilates Classes.

Use our library

We have an extensive library of Pilates books and DVDs that you can use to help you learn more about what you’re doing. Some of these books and DVDs are rare, very expensive and difficult to find. 

You can watch and follow lessons taught by the world’s most renown teachers using our Pilatesology and Pilates Anytime subscriptions.

Cancel / Upgrade / Downgrade at anytime

Each Booking Confirmation Email has a link that allows you to change payment details or cancel your Membership.

Sessions carry over from month to month

Personal Pilates Practice sessions carry over from month to month – you’ll never lose sessions.

Get Started: Starter Lessons

During Starter Pilates’ Lessons, you’ll learn your Personal Programme with your teacher:

... plus home practice

"My Time" Personal Practice Sessions

“My Time” Pilates offers you the chance to build up your Pilates Practice by practising independently in the studio.

Economy is one of the main reasons why we have “My Time” Personal Practice Sessions: you can get your practice in at a fraction of the cost of 1:1 sessions – it’s even cheaper than group Classes!

The best value option is: 

  • 2x Bolt On 1:1 Sessions monthly.
  • 6x “My Time” Personal Practice Sessions – Silver Membership

There will always be a teacher present when you doing your Personal Pilates Practice. And although they might be teaching, they will always be aware of what you are doing.

Step Two: 1:1 "Bolt Ons" are add on lessons

As a minimum, we suggest one Bolt On session every fortnight to keep you progressing and not stagnating.

We wouldn’t suggest that you embark on “My Time” Pilates without any One on One Pilates Lessons.

Having ongoing Pilates Lessons is an absolute must to prevent deterioration of your practice – just like your teacher!

It also helps you think about things in different ways and that stops you getting bored.

Price Comparison! Get best value!!!

One on One Pilates Packages Prices
My Time Pilates & Bolt On Memberships Prices

Bronze and attending twice a week:

Gold: 8 monthlyBolt OnsTOTAL
£18 x 8 = £144Still needed.£240

Silver attending twice a week:

→ this is the best value “sweet spot”!

Silver: 6 monthlyBolt OnsTOTAL
£20 x 6 = £120£48 x 2 = £96£216

Gold attending twice a week:

Bronze: 4 monthlyBolt OnsTOTAL
£22.50 x 4 = £96£48 x 4 = £192£288
Gold: £144 monthly: 96 sessions yearly (about x2 weekly @ £18 each)
Silver: £120 monthly: 72 sessions yearly (about x1.5 weekly @ £20 each)
Bronze: £96 monthly: 48 sessions yearly (about x1 weekly @ £22.50 each)
Bolt Ons: £48 flat rate. 

Resources to help you...

YouTube Channel - start your "One a Day Pilates"

Pilates Workshops

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