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Step #3: Developing your own Personal Pilates Practice

✅ You’ve had your First Lesson (click here) and 5x Starter Lessons (click here). You roughly know your programme, exercise set up, position and you’re safe on the apparatus.

✅  You’ve started some Home Practice.

✅  So, now it’s time to deepen your Pilates practice with Personal Practice Sessions. 

In a regular Pilates class, when you walk out the door, you leave everything behind. 

This is different. We want you to have the whole pie, not just a slice.

Option 1: Personal Pilates Practice & Bolt On Lessons

Q. What is "Personal Pilates Practice" all about?

A. It's getting past "doing" and starting to really "owning your own" Pilates Practice!

Personal Pilates Practice offers you the chance to build up your Pilates Practice by practising independently in the studio.

This is an absolutely fundamental step if you want to get past just “doing” Pilates to truly practising Pilates.

Q. Will I be left alone to do what I like?

A.Not at all...

There will always be a teacher present when you doing your Personal Pilates Practice. And although they might be teaching, they will always be aware of what you are doing.

Q. What are "Bolt Ons"?
A. These are add on One on One Lessons

We wouldn’t suggest that you embark on Personal Practice Sessions without any One on One Pilates Lessons.

Every Pilates teacher has their own teacher(s) or mentor(s). Having ongoing Pilates Lessons is an absolute must to prevent deterioration of your practice.

It also helps you think about things in different ways and that stops you getting bored.

We suggest one Bolt On session every fortnight to keep you progressing.

Q. Ok, "Bolt Ons" can help, is there any other help available?

Q. Yes, there's lots!

Video Pilates Tutorials are difficult and time consuming to make but are being constantly updated and upgraded. Sign up to the Newsletter to be in the know about updates.

There are dozens of Written Pilates Tutorials in the Help and Tutorials section (here) of the website. Use the search bar to find what you want.

Every month there are Workshops (here) for Mat & reformer at Basic & Intermediate levels.

You can follow other teachers on Social Media (ask for suggestions) and use our own Video Tutorial Pages (here) to help you remember the exercises in your programme and dig deeper.

Q. I work irregular shifts and timetabling is often a problem.

A. You find timetabling is not a problem...

Personal Pilates Practice Sessions are not dependent on the teacher so this offers  much more timetabling flexibility than regular Pilates Classes.

You can arrive early and finish late – it’s never a problem, provided that there is apparatus availability!

Q. Is there anything else I should know?
A. Yes, and it's all good news...
Cancel / Upgrade / Downgrade at anytime

Each Booking Confirmation Email has a link that allows you to change payment details or cancel your Membership.

Sessions carry over from month to month

Personal Pilates Practice sessions carry over from month to month – you’ll never lose sessions.

Q. How much do Personal Pilates Practice Sessions cost?
A. They offer superb value!

These sessions are significantly cheaper (see below for examples) than One on One Pilates Lessons and are cheaper than many comparable group classes.

You can mix and match Personal Practice Sessions and Bolt Ons to suit your particular needs, want & circumstances.

Cost of Monthly Pilates Practice
There are three membership tiers: Gold, Silver & Bronze.
Payment is by standing order.
Gold: £144 monthly: 96 lessons yearly (about x2 weekly @ £18 each)
Silver: £120 monthly: 72 lessons yearly (about x1.5 weekly @ £20 each)
Bronze: £96 monthly: 48 lessons yearly (about x1 weekly @ £22.50 each)
Bolt On One on One Lessons: £48 flat rate. This is the cost of regular One on One Pilates Lessons assuming that you take x8 monthly.
Possible Personal Pilates Practice Combinations

Here are some examples of possible combinations. Of course you can choose or create whatever permutation works best for your situation.

PP = Personal Practice

BO = Bolt On Lessons



Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Gold Membership Example:

a person that wants maximum practice







Monthly cost = £240

£18 £18 £48

 £18 £18£18 £18 £48 £18 £18

Silver Membership Example:

a shift worker & with an unpredictable diary







Monthly cost = £216


£20 £20 £48

£20£20 £20 £48

Bronze Membership Example:

a time poor person who wants the most economic option







Monthly cost = £138






Option 2: Continued One on One Pilates Lessons

This is best if you have injuries, particular issues to address or don’t feel ready to practice independently.

100% personalised attention.

Dig Deeper: you’ll learning more and more challenging exercises and getting better at what we’ve already learned.

Broaden Horizons

You’ll be learning ever more challenging work on Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels and Mat.

Monthly objectives

Together can decide on a monthly objective each month and work towards that together.

You might not have the studio to yourself, but you will have your teacher’s undivided attention.

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