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Step Three: Pilates "Unlimited" or,

Ongoing 1:1 / Duet Sessions

After Your "Starter Lessons"

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PIlates "Unlimited" with a friend
Pilates "Unlimited" with a friend

What is Pilates "Unlimited"?

Independent Personal Practice

Think group classes without a start time – giving you unparalleled flexibility!

Pilates “Unlimited” is an opportunity to practice independently in the studio. Not only does this provide best results but is very economical suits people with irregular hours.

You will, of course, have to learn your exercises. This might not suit everyone, but if you do (and there’s plenty of resources to help – see below) progress is MUCH faster.

Did you know that memorisation was actually intended to be a part of the Pilates’ Method?

Advantages of Pilates "Unlimited"

Value for money: cost per session

  • “Unlimited” Pilates is cheaper than classes:
    • £96 per month and if you come 28 days in a month that’s £3.40 a session!
  • Of course, you don’t HAVE to come everyday!
  • Home practice is, of course, free…

Value for money: spread the cost

  • Bolt On” lessons allows you to still have 1:1 lessons, but more spread out. 
    • One on One Lessons are expensive.

Value for money: you'll do so much more!

  • You’ll learn the exercises and their order:
    • This will allow you to move with more flow during each exercise and between them. 
    • You’ll know the basics and your teacher will add extra layers and details as you move. This is how you become advanced in the Pilates world.

Value for money: keep what you learn

  • More than just doing, you’ll learn your exercises
    • … so you can keep them forever.

Transparency: Cancel at anytime

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.
    • However, unused sessions belonging to that month can’t be reimbursed.

Practical: have you ever been late for a class?

  • If you’re running late, it doesn’t matter if you start late. 
  • You’re not dependent on your teacher to start – or end.

Practical: need extra time?

  • Provided no one else is waiting to use apparatus, you can take extra time.

Practical: do you have an irregular timetable?

  • “Unlimited” Pilates Practice Sessions are not dependent on the teacher so this offers  much more timetabling flexibility than regular Pilates Classes.

You'll learn Authentic Pilates - as it was intended

  • Joseph Pilates wanted everyone to do his Method of Fitness independently.
    • Ask us and we can show you the source.

... Contrology is not "medicine" or even "physical therapy'. For it's aim is not specifically corrective but generally body-building and coordinating.. Hence its users are neither "patients" nor "treated". Each student is given as nearly as possible the same regimen, and in kinds and amounts equal to his or her requirements under careful supervision.

What are 1:1 Pilates Sessions?

Teacher led Pilates sessions

The teacher will talk you through every exercise. This. makes your  progress slower.

These are best suited if you can only come once a week to the studio or have special issues that need to be addressed.

You can get home practice (and there are resources to help you) but you don’t need to remember your exercises. 

Advantages of 1:1 Pilates Sessions

100% personalised attention.

These sessions are led by your teacher. There is no expectation that you learn any exercises except any home practice that you might be given.

Have injuries or special issues?

This is best if you have injuries, particular issues to address or don’t feel ready to practice independently.

Non Pilates Exercises

Non Pilates & Pre-Pilates exercises might also be given for you to do and the order of the exercises might well be different to the original Pilates’ order.

Discounts for Packages

Sessions are bought in packages – the more frequently you come to the studio, the cheaper each session. –

How Often Should You have a 1:1 Pilates Lesson?

Frequency trumps isolated big efforts

This is an expensive option and that’s why we have developed “My Time” Pilates and “Bolt Ons”

Find out more: “My Time” Pilates and “Bolt Ons” » » »

If you can ONLY make it once a week…

We have found that best results are achieved by focussing on your Matwork for home practice – this DOES involve using all the apparatus in the studio.

The Matwork offers many challenges and can take many months of dedicated practice to master.

Resources to help you progress faster

Social Media

WhatsApp: for clients of the studio. Here I post exercises for people to practice at home and and sharee questions and answers. 

Instagram channels: Miguel_Bengoa_Pilates (in red – Pilates and other stuff) and The_Pilates_Linguist (in Purple – newer, but more specifically Pilates)

YouTube: Playlists including: Pilates’ Original Films, The Pilates’ Elders & Romana, and exercise tutorials: Classical Mat & Reformer as well as Pre Pilates exercise tutorials.

Pilates Workshops

A practical overview of the Pilates’ System at Foundational, Intermediate & Advanced Levels. 

We also run Workshops on the “Connections” within the Pilates System.

Pilates TV

The full collection of exercise tutorials – most of which are not avail on YouTube.


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Want to change your mind?

If you decide that independent practice isn’t for you, then you can opt for ongoing 1:1 sessions at anytime.

Alternatively, if you decide that you want to dig deeper into the Pilates’ Method and take advantage of the superior price point and timetabling flexibility, then you can opt for Personal Practice Sessions.

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