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Saturdays: 11:00 – 16:00
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Lesson & Class Information


First Lesson:

One Lesson

First Lesson

What is it like?

One on One lesson. 

Fill in the questionnaire: health screening & objectives.

That saves studio time to give you as much “working out” time as possible.

Together, we’ll create a personal programme for you.

Price: £48 

Starter Lessons:

Five Lesson Package

Starter Lessons

What are they like?

Five One on One lessons: personalised programme.

Your goal: learn the basics so you can start a “Pilates Gym” Membership and/or continue with One on One Lessons.

I highly recommend that these lessons are taken intensively to help memory.

Price: £48 x5 = £240



One on One Packages

One on One Packages

Supercharged learning!  Intensive One on One Pilates lessons chasing your monthly goals.


Standard opening times.  See top of page.


Click the booking button for all prices (or here). 

There’s no obligation 🙂

"Pilates Gym"

Quick info

Open Studio Group
  • Own your own workout!
  • Never worry about being late! 
  • Want extra time? No problem 🙂
  • Super flexibility!
  • Get 1:1 “bolt ons”!

"Bolt ons"

Book One on One Private Lessons to complement your personal but at special membership prices.


Click the booking button for all prices (or here). 

"Flying Solo"

Self Access Subscriptions

Self Access

Own your own workout!

Pilates just as Joseph Pilates intended: you work alone – totally independently but I’ll be in the room. 

For people who know what they are doing and are safe on the apparatus.

From just £16 you can book yourself into the studio for your own private practice.

Please have a First Lesson before arranging this. Thank you for your understanding.