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Online Mat Classes:

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One on One Pilates Lessons

1:1 First Lesson → 1:1 Starter Lessons → 1:1 Privates and/or "Pilates Gym"

Get Started with 1:1 Lessons

Reformer, Mat , Chair, Barrels & Cadillac

First Pilates Lesson:

1:1 Single Lesson

First Lesson

What's it like?

Online Booking & Health Screening save time.

New to Pilates? You’ll begin your Pilates training with One on One Lessons. We’ll create your exercise program (for home & studio) based on the specific needs of your body.

Price: £48 

"Starter" Pilates Lessons:

1:1 Five Lesson Package

Starter Lessons

Starting to take ownership!

You’ll learn safety protocols, how to set up the apparatus and your first series of exercises for studio & home.

You’ll continue to practice until you’re ready to join the Pilates Gym – if that’s appropriate for you.

Price: £48 x5 = £240
Video Explainer

Privates & Pilates Gym Memberships

... continuing your Pilates journey!


One on One Packages

One on One Packages

Supercharged progress! 

Intensive One on One Pilates Lessons chasing your monthly goals.

If you decide that Pilates Gym is not for you, you can book packages of private lessons instead.

You’ll learn newer exercises to add to your program or address any major change of health that requires focused one-on-one attention.


x1 – x12 monthly: from £70 to £46.  
Many possible options.

"Pilates Gym" Memberships

Quick info

Open Studio Group

Flexibility to workout & explore Pilates

  • Never feel held back or rushed like in normal Pilates Classes.
  • Be independent: own your own workout!
  • Never worry about being late – flexible start times! 
  • Want extra time? No problem 🙂
  • Get 1:1 “bolt ons” to turbocharge your progress!


Memberships per month: £96 – £144 (£18-£22.50 per session)
One on One “Bolt Ons”: £48 per session flat rate

"Flying Solo"

Self Access Subscriptions

Self Access

Own your own workout!

Pilates just as Joseph Pilates intended: you work alone – totally independently but I’ll be in the room. 

For people who know what they are doing and are safe on the apparatus.

From just £16 you can book yourself into the studio for your own private practice.

Please have a First Lesson before arranging this. Thank you for your understanding.