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A quick guide to everything 🙂

The First Step is the "First Lesson"

The next step is to decide if you’d prefer ongoing One on One Sessions or go on the “My Time Pilates” Journey

Option 1: One on One / Duet Pilates Sessions

This option is for you if you are pregnant, have specific issues or injuries you would like to address. Several non Pilates aids & techniques such as Foam Roller, Physio Ball and non-Pilates exercises such as fascia release techniques may be used.

These sessions also work well if you are only able to attend once a week – we can concentrate on the Mat work so that you can practice at home.

We offer packages so that the more frequently you come, the cheaper the lesson. 

Option 2: "My Time" Pilates & 1:1 Bolt Ons

Step 1: First Lesson

Step 2: Starter Lessons: learn & practice:

Step 3: One on One "Bolt Ons" & "My Time" Pilates

Group Studio Pilates Classes

Try a Pilates Class on all the studio apparatus! You don’t need a First Lesson for this.

TRX Suspension Training

TRX is a form of suspension body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility using body weight.

Start Here: First Lesson

Not needed for Group Lessons or TRX.

With Olga Savkina 🇺🇦 or Miguel Bengoa

Price £55 for a 60 minute session

After a quick consultation, we’ll get started with a 1:1 hands on session. 

Depending on what you want (& need), we will generally work on Reformer, Mat, Stability Chair, Cadillac and The Wall.

There’s an online Health Screening Questionnaire to to help us get started quicker… take your time and give as much info as you like. 

Find out more about the First Lesson » » »

Option 1: 1:1 & Duet Packages

Hands on Pilates to work around your specific needs

With Olga Savkina 🇺🇦 or Miguel Bengoa

This is “hands on” Pilates. It’s for you if you want your teacher’s undivided attention and/or have specific issues that you want to be addressed by your teacher or you want the kind of attention that is impossible in a Group Pilates Class setting…

This is also for you if you don’t feel confident learning to work on your own.

After the Shopping Cart & payment, you’ll be able to choose your teacher: Miguel or Olga 🇺🇦.

Package prices vary according to how frequently you come to the studio. Click the Booking Button prices.

Option 2: "Your Time Pilates" & "Bolt Ons"

This offers best value for money, unparalleled timetabling flexibility and best results

The Pilates' Journey: at home & studio

With Miguel Bengoa

Step 1: 1:1 First Lesson

Consultation, exercise & assessment

Price £55

Step 2: 1:1 Starter Lessons

Learn the workouts & the "how tos" in 6-12 lessons

Price £48 each session

You’ve had your first lesson. Now, we start learning the Foundational Exercises of Pilates. These teach us connecting to and working from your core, alignment and of course the exercises.

You’ll get home practice to do and this will be developed in each lesson.  

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Step 3: 1:1 "Bolt On" Lessons

"This is like having a tennis coach to teach you how to play your best game..."

Flat rate at £48 per lesson

If you are doing “Your Time” Pilates, these sessions are essential to add depth and layers (precision and control and later breath & flow) to your practice as well as get deeper into the method by learning new exercises. Once weekly is recommended.

Find out more about Bolt Ons & “Your Time” Pilates » » »

Step 3: "Your Time" Pilates Sessions

"... and this is when you pay your best game - without your coach!" --Michelle de Hass

Come into the studio and do your own “My Time” Pilates independently of your teacher – this is the only real way to “get Pilates into your body”. This option offers best value for money, unparalleled timetabling flexibility and best results if accompanied by regular 1:1 Bolt On Lessons.

There will always be an instructor present but may be busy teaching…

 Find out more about Bolt Ons & Personal Practice » » »

This is a monthly membership...

Gold: £144 monthly: 96 lessons yearly about x2 weekly @ £18
Silver: £120 monthly: 72 lessons yearly about x1.5 weekly @ £20 → Offers best value!
Bronze: £96 monthly: 48 lessons yearly about x1 weekly @ £22.50

Mixed Apparatus Group Classes

With Olga Savkina 🇺🇦

Every Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 13:00

Olga Savkina will be offering Group Pilates Classes.

These classes are unique as we may use any Pilates apparatus including Reformer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Foot Corrector, Barrels, Baby Chair and Mat. Maximum just six people.

We may also use non traditional Pilates apparatus such as TRX, Foam Rollers and various exercise and massage balls.

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And an Extra:

TRX with a Pilates focus

TRX is a form of suspension body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility using body weight.

Olga Savkina 🇺🇦 takes TRX to another level, combining TRX with the most important aspects of Pilates. 

This makes TRX with Olga a totally different experience than you will find in Sport Centres and Gyms: not “more, more, more, faster, faster, faster”, but work hard, work clever and work safe.

Like Pilates, it’s perfectly adaptable to all levels, from the most unfit to elite athletes. I’ve tried it. I’m so convinced that I’m learning it.