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Lunchtime Pilates Mat Classes ​

The Original "Return to Life" Series
Including Magic Circle & Spine Corrector

Mixed ability classes based around the original Mat Work from Joseph Pilates’ book: “Return to Life” (1945).

Beginners will start with the Foundational exercises and build up to more complex challenges.

You can also follow the class via Zoom.

This is challenging work, but suitable for all.

Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Time: 13:00 – 13:45

Pace: Deliberate

Prices & Booking

Step 1: First Lesson (1:1)

Assessment and start "The Work"

Step 1: First Lesson - 90 minutes

A workout to create your programme

When you book, there’s an online Health Screening Questionnaire to help us get started quicker… take your time and give as much info as you like. 

After a quick consultation, we’ll get started!

Depending on what you want (& need), we will generally work on Reformer, Mat, Baby Chair, Wunda Chair, Cadillac and The Wall.

The First Lesson is 90 minutes to allow time for full explanations and a proper exploration of the Pilates Method on all the apparatus.

We’ll also have a quick chat about the option that suits you best going forward.

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PROMOTION: "Starter Package"

Get 50% off your First Lesson when you buy  two Starter Lessons!

Step 2: Starter Lessons (1:1)

Assessment and start "The Work"

Step 2: Starter Lessons - Starting "The Work"

Discovering The Connections: the start of your Pilates Journey! 

For most people, getting started with “The Work” involves getting familiar with the feeling of being connected and moving from the center, to find “length” through “opposition”.

Sounds complex – it’s in fact REALLY simple after a few tries! We have a toolbox of tricks to help you learn!

The Foundational Exercises are practiced and learned and we offer the possibility of teaching you exercises that you can (if you like) practice at home – to get extra value.

We can also take time out to play with some of those fancy advanced exercises 😃 – if it’s safe for your body!

We will use Reformer and Mat with Cadillac, Barrels, Wunda Chair, Baby Chair and Wall. These are the building blocks of Pilates’ System – you’re not restricted to just one piece of apparatus. Instead you’ll discover how each piece of apparatus is connected to other pieces.

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Regular Price
Use the promo code: "STARTER_PROMO"
and get x6 Pay for x5 = £240

We recommend that these lessons be taken at least twice a week for best results.


Option 1: Ongoing 1:1 / Duet Sessions

Hands on Pilates to work around your specific needs

With Olga Savkina 🇺🇦 or Miguel Bengoa

About One on One / Duet Sessions

These are ongoing Pilates Sessions on your own or with a friend.  This is for you if you want your teacher’s undivided attention and/or have specific issues that you want to be addressed…

This is also for you if you don’t feel comfortable or confident learning to work on your own.

Non Pilates apparatus, exercises and exercise order may be used in these sessions such as foam rollers, physio balls and massage balls.

One on One:
monthly prices
monthly prices

Option 2: 1:1 "Bolt Ons" & Personal Practice

Experience the true essence of Classical Pilates

Get best results, value for money, and paralleled timetabling flexibility

One on One "Bolt Ons" add depth & layers and new exercises

"Bolt On" Lessons

The secret to the sauce!

If you are doing “My Time” Personal Pilates Practice sessions, these sessions are for you.

Get started with the Foundations of Pilates with our “Get Started” Lessons then, deepen and add layers with our “Bolt On” Lessons.

Not only do we learn new exercises, but more importantly, we add depth and layers to what you already know. In this way, your practice will have a more profound effect. Equally importantly, these lessons make sure that you aren’t performing any exercise in a dangerous fashion.

Once weekly is best, once fortnightly is a second best. Once a month is better than never…

All lessons to be used in a 28 day period

"My Time" Personal Practice Pilates Sessions

"... and this is when you play your best game - without your coach!"

“My Time” is Independent Personal Plates Practice and offers best value for money, unparalleled timetabling flexibility and best results if accompanied by regular 1:1 Bolt On Lessons.

Many people question if they could do Pilates without a teacher teaching them – of course you can! If you’re doing home practice, then you’re already working independently!

BUT although you’ll be working independently, your teacher will always be aware of what you’re doing. You can ask questions if you need.

Subscription Tiers
🥇Gold: £144 monthly: 96 lessons yearly. About x2 weekly @ £18
🥈Silver: £120 monthly: 72 lessons yearly. About x1.5 weekly @ £20
🥉Bronze: £96 monthly: 48 lessons yearly. About x1 weekly @ £22.50

🙂 You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime

🙂 Unused Lessons carry over from month to month

And an Extra:

TRX: Total Resistance Exercise

TRX is a form of suspension body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility using body weight.

Olga Savkina 🇺🇦 takes TRX to another level, combining TRX with the most important aspects of Pilates. 

This makes TRX with Olga a totally different experience than you will find in Sport Centres and Gyms: not “more, more, more, faster, faster, faster”, but work hard, work clever and work safe.

Like Pilates, it’s perfectly adaptable to all levels, from the most unfit to elite athletes. I’ve tried it. I’m so convinced that I’m learning it.


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Help: Reminders, Subscriptions and Rescheduling


There are email and text reminders 48 hours before appointments


Personal Practice “My Time” Pilates subscriptions can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled at anytime (see below) through the app or email.

Rescheduling: the "like for like" policy

We are a small independent business without the membership and resources of large national gym chains. 

We totally understand that rescheduling 24 hours in advance is not always possible. AND, like you, we don’t want you to lose booked lessons.

So, we run a “like for like” policy. Firstly, if you find you are unable to attend (for whatever reason) please DO let us know. 

Your missed lesson is lost until you buy an extra lesson of similar value (ex. a new bolt On for a missed Bolt On). When you buy the replacement lesson, we’ll reschedule your missed lesson.

Like for like? How’s that?