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One on One Sessions & Personal Practice

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Authentic Pilates is a Process...

Step 1: First Session

Quick online questionnaire: health screening & aims...'s online to save workout time.
Receive your personal programme
£48 - 90 minute session

Step 2: Starters' Sessions

Reformer & apparatus in studio
Mat work for home practice
Extra tutorials and videos to help you
£48 each 60 min session (max. x12)

Step 3: "Personal Practice"

... with 1:1 "Bolt Ons"

Really get Pilates into your body
Studio time for personal practice
From £18 flexible timing

Or, continued 1:1 sessions

£46 - £60 each 60 min session

Getting Started with Pilates

Step One

Book First Pilates Session

90 minutes session

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Personal Pilates Practice
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This session is perfect if you have injuries, joint issues, back problems, any degree of osteoporosis, are prenatal or postnatal.

Whether you are starting or returning to Pilates, this One on One session is totally personalised around your needs.

We’ll write up a short personal programme that you’ll receive by email 24 hours later.

There's a short questionnaire..

The online booking and short questionnaire saves time – we’ll know precisely what you want and what you need before you arrive!

Price: £48 

Step Two

Book "Starter" Sessions

60 minute sessions

Getting the benefits...

Returning to Pilates
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These One on One sessions will help you achieve your goals fast.  We combine home practice with studio practice.

Whether you are just starting off or returning to Pilates these Starter Sessions will give you results faster than classes or ongoing 1:1 sessions.

The results that you’re looking for are guaranteed.

Video Resources are available to help you.

Price: £48 each or, get 5 for the cost of 6: here

Getting it into Your Body!

Personal Practice / One on One

Step Three

Personal Practice

Flexible timetabling - take extra time*
Personal Pilates Practice
Monthly Memberships
Gold: £144 monthly
That’s 96 lessons yearly about x2 weekly @ £18
Silver: £120 monthly
That’s 72 lessons yearly about x1.5 weekly @ £20
Bronze: £96 monthly
That’s 48 lessons yearly about x1 weekly @ £22.50
* Take extra time subject to apparatus availability!
One on One "Bolt Ons"
If you are doing Personal Practice, 1:1 Lessons are obligatory.
60 minute sessions
For Members: £48 flat rate

Step Three


Ongoing 1:1 sessions
Personal Pilates Practice
These Packages offer Discounts

From £46 – £70 depending on package.

Intensive One on One Pilates Lessons chasing your monthly goals.

If you decide that Personal Practice is not for you, you can book packages of private lessons instead.

You’ll learn newer exercises to add to your program or address any major change of health that requires focused one-on-one attention.

Read the Reviews for our Birmingham Pilates Studio

5.0 42 reviews

  • Avatar Noema Malecová ★★★★★ a month ago
    I wanted to learn what Pilates is about and I booked a workshop with Miguel to get into it. It was so worth it! I got what I was hoping for and even more as Miguel … read more teaches you in the way of practising along with explanation instead of giving you too many information without an action. Furthermore the studio is really nice set up filled with positive vibes 🙂 Highly recommended !
  • Avatar Adriana Oliveira Alves ★★★★★ a month ago
    I’ve always heard about Pilates, but I could not understand the real benefits until I had my first lessons with Miguel. His knowledge is incredible and he really … read more knows how to explain you to understands the movements and the mindset. I’ve learned it’s much more than exercise or posture improvement. I feel more energised for work, for more exercises and much less headache, because it was caused from muscle neck pain. In few weeks, I already feel more fit. And the best part, the knowledge Miguel shares about Pilates is for life! I can only say thank you very much!
  • Avatar Kerry Berry ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    This is the best pilates studio
    Miguel and Joanna are amazing
    Pilates has changed my life
    Give it a go you will not regret it
    The expertise that flows out of this
    … read more studio is Fantastic

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