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Intro offers; First Lesson or Group Class

Getting started

Spark Your Pilates Journey: Unleash Transformative Power with Our Intro Offers!

Are you ready to embark on a Pilates journey that will strengthen your body, enhance your flexibility, and improve your overall well-being? 

Look no further! We have the perfect opportunity for you to get started. 

With our Intro Offers, you can choose to experience your first private Pilates lesson or group class at our studio, allowing you to get to know our welcoming environment, experienced teachers, and the transformative power of Pilates.


Lesson Packs for Private & Class Packs for Reformer!

Unlock Your Potential with Consistent Practice!

Learn the foundation of Pilates

Whether you choose private lessons, group classes, or a combination of both, our Pilates packages offer exceptional value and a pathway to achieving your health and fitness aspirations. 

Lessons on Mat, Tower, Reformer and other apparatus are designed to get you started and progress you on your Pilates Journey as fast as possible. 

We also give Home Practice. This is where you get the value: just ten minutes a day, but everyday. If you want results, little and often with consistency is key.

Our dedicated instructors are ready to support you and create an environment that encourages progress, challenges you to reach new heights, and leaves you feeling empowered and revitalised.


On-going Pilates Monthly

The Key to Unlocking Your Full Potential through Pilates

Add new challenges, depth and layers to your Pilates Practice

Are you looking to deepen your practice?

By committing to ongoing monthly traditional Pilates Lessons, you will be able to add new challenges, depth and layers to your practice. Our experienced teachers will guide you through your practice to refine your technique.  Our objective is to talk you through the exercises instead of learning them, as you would do with your initial lessons. 

We also offer an Unlimited Group Class Pass. With our Unlimited Group Class Pass, you can experience the power of variety on your fitness journey. Our group Reformer classes utilise specialised apparatus and mat, providing a dynamic and challenging workout that targets every muscle group. You’ll build strength, improve flexibility, and enhance your overall body awareness and control.



Group Mat Classes

Our Mat Class Pack: Accessible In Digbeth and Incorporates Mat and Small Apparatus.

Are you looking for a convenient and flexible way to experience our invigorating 45-minute mat classes that incorporate the use of small apparatus? Look no further! 

Your first class is on us – yes, it’s FREE! Book a taster Mat class and come join us in Digbeth. Our studio is fully equipped, so all you need to bring is yourself. Don’t miss this opportunity to kickstart your Pilates journey with us!


Package Prices

Help: Reminders, Subscriptions and Rescheduling


There are email and text reminders 48 hours before appointments


Pilates monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime (see below) through the app or email.

Rescheduling: the "like for like" policy

We are a small independent business without the membership and resources of large national gym chains. 

We totally understand that rescheduling 24 hours in advance is not always possible. AND, like you, we don’t want you to lose booked lessons.

So, we run a “like for like” policy. Firstly, if you find you are unable to attend (for whatever reason) please DO let us know. 

Your missed lesson is lost until you buy an extra lesson of similar value (ex. a new bolt On for a missed Bolt On). When you buy the replacement lesson, we’ll reschedule your missed lesson.

Like for like? How’s that?

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