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How to: Your Pilates Journey @ BPS

Getting started on your Pilates Journey

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You’re reading this because you aspire to create change in your body and how it moves.  I’m writing this because I want to explain to you how a personalised Pilates programme is worked out around you and your needs.


Firstly, who are you?

– Maybe you have imbalances because of the sport you do: martial artists, golfers, tennis players, runners, cyclists, swimmers or gym goers – body builders especially!

– Perhaps, like most people, you spend spend so many weeks and years hunched over desks, steering wheels, slouched on sofas or using electronic devices.  This also created imbalances.

– Or you’ve spent years bending over, looking after children either because you teach or you’re a parent.

– Perhaps your parenting days are over and you want to look after yourself as you get older.

– Perhaps you’re a Pilates teacher already and want to deepen your practice either on the Mat or studio apparatus: Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Barrels.

If you can see yourself in any of these categories, a personalised Pilates programme is for you!

Your lessons are personalised and that’s why you won’t find large groups at my studio with everyone doing the same exercises at the same time at Birmingham Pilates.  (On Covid-19 safety policy: click here)

You’ll be taught precisely what you need for your body to help you achieve your personal objectives and move your towards achieving your goals  You’ll achieve a balanced body and improved posture and movement that other people will notice and will comment on.

Q. How does this all work?

A. Step by step.


Step 1: Assessment Lesson & Questionnaire

Book Assessment Lesson: click here

– On booking, there’s a short questionnaire to fill in.

– – The questions focus on:

– – – medical contraindications (to identify potentially dangerous movements for you);

– – – age, weight & height;

– – – exercise history / levels

– – – personal learning preferences;

– – – aims and objectives  – where you want to get to …

Your answers help me think about your programme before your session.  So, we’ll spend more time doing exercises than talking… giving you more bang for your buck!

– The Assessment Lesson is

– – Face to face in the studio.

– – One on one.

– Each programme is designed around your goals, needs and objectives.

– We do a sample of typical exercises suited to your goals and needs

– – to show you how I teach and

– – for me to see how you move.

– I’ll show you the online resources available.


Step 2: Starter Lessons

Book Starter Lessons: click here

– This is where you get to grips with and practice your own personal programme.

– – You’ll guided and corrected every single step of the way with detailed directions, cues, images and metaphors.

– – You’ll practice the exercises that will help you get to where you want to get to on Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Barrels and Mat.

I’ll show you and help you learn the exercises that you can do at home to supplement your work in the studio.  There is a large (and growing) video resource to support your home practice.


Step 3: One on One Lessons

Book One on One Lessons: click here

– You’ll be moving better and building on the gains you made in your Starter Lessons.

– You’ll learning more and more challenging exercises and getting better at what we’ve already learned.

– You’ll be learning ever more challenging work on Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels and Mat.




Step 3:

Open Studio Group Lessons

– You’ll be practising the repertoire you learned in your Starter Lessons with some additions as you get better and master more of your exercise repertoire.

– I’ll be monitoring your progress closely (there’s a maximum of three to a group), adding new exercises and offering corrections, and suggestions using cues and metaphors to help you dig deeper and get more from the exercises that you’re doing.




Step 3:

Open Studio Group Lessons AND One on One Lessons 

Alternate your One on One Lessons with an Open Studio practice session – that way you’ll get the best of both worlds!

 – – … and you’ll still be able to do your home practice as well!


How you’re taught Pilates at Birmingham Pilates

– Cues, metaphors, examples from other exercises and/or Pre-Pilates are frequently used.

– Occasionally, and always with permission, touch will be used.

– Occasionally a demonstration will be given.

Personalised Programme: is this Personal Training?


Isn’t this Personalised Approach Personal Training?

People often tell me that I’m actually offering Personal Training.  Not true.  Personal Training (massive generalisation alert!) is atomistic.  Pilates is holistic.  Every exercise contains elements of strength, flexibility (or mobility) and control.  It involves mind and body and breathing working as one to work towards better movement and better physical balance.


Any questions, or comments, leave them in the comments section or get in touch


See you soon,

Pilates takes you to where you want to be





Miguel 🙂

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