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After Your First Pilates Session

Option #1: Ongoing 1:1 / Duet Sessions

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Advantages of 1:1 PIlates Sessions

100% personalised attention.

These sessions are led by your teacher. There is no expectation that you learn any exercises except any home practice that you might be given.

Have injuries or special issues?

This is best if you have injuries, particular issues to address or don’t feel ready to practice independently.

Non Pilates apparatus & exercises

Non Pilates apparatus might be used such as foam rollers, ball (large and small) and possibly even TRX.

Non Pilates & Pre-Pilates exercises might also be given for you to do and the order of the exercises might well be different to the original Pilates’ order.

Discounts for Packages

Sessions are bought in packages – the more frequently you come to the studio, the cheaper each session.

How Often Should You have a 1:1 Pilates Lesson?

One on One / Duet Sessions 

Best results come with three sessions weekly.

Of course, this is a big commitment for most people but consider this:

This is an expensive option and that’s why we have developed “My Time” Pilates and “Bolt Ons”

Find out more: “My Time” Pilates and “Bolt Ons” » » »

If you can ONLY make it once a week…

We have found that best results are achieved by focussing on your Matwork for home practice – this DOES involve using all the apparatus in the studio.

The Matwork offers many challenges and can take many months of dedicated practice to master.

Want to change your mind?

If you decide that independent practice isn’t for you, then you can opt for ongoing 1:1 sessions at anytime.

Alternatively, if you decide that you want to dig deeper into the Pilates’ Method and take advantage of the superior price point and timetabling flexibility, then you can opt for Personal Practice Sessions.

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