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Step Two: Pilates Unlimited & Lesson Packs

After your First Pilates Session...

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Get started with Pilates
Get started with Pilates!

Getting started

Learn the foundation of Pilates

At Birmingham Pilates Studios we give you a personalised introduction to Classical Pilates through private lessons. 

Reputable Studios will insist that you take some 1:1 lessons or 2:1 lessons before joining a beginner class. We are no exception.

With most people needing between 6-12 lessons to get started, we understand that regular practice and consistency are key. That’s why our lesson packs are the ideal choice for you. By purchasing a lesson pack, you ensure that you have the necessary resources to progress at your own pace. Practice makes improvement. The more you practice, the faster you’ll improve.

What do we do during your first lessons?

The objective of your initial lessons is to learn how to do the exercises and their order. This is through apparatus in the studio and Classical Mat in the studio and at home.

We will use the apparatus to help you get “the feel” of exercises that might be challenging for you. That’s their purpose.

... on Tower & Reformer

As a beginner, it will support you, at intermediate levels it will challenge you and at advanced levels it will defy you!

It’s perfectly possible to perform advanced exercises on your first day, but it is the depth and the layers that you bring to the exercise that determines your level, not the exercise.

A true advanced person can break a sweat even performing the Foundational exercises.

... on Mat

The full Mat Work is like a summary of the whole Pilates’ System.

Knowing the Classical Exercises is often not a requirement to become a “qualified” Pilates teacher.

Pilates is exercise, hard exercise. And you’re supposed to sweat.

... on other apparatus: Chairs, Barrels, Cadillac etc.

There will come a time when an exercise or an exercise series will be inaccessible to you.

That’s where the other apparatus like the Tower, Chairs, Barrels and Cadillac come in. This other apparatus helps you get stronger so you can do the exercises on Mat, Reformer or Tower. This is why Classical Pilates is thought of as a “System” or a “Method”.

As you develop your practice

On going traditional Pilates lessons

Our objective is to talk you through the exercises instead of learning them, as you would do with your initial lessons. 

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