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Step #2: One on One Starter Sessions

For Step #1: First Session: click here

Starter Pilates Sessions:

- working towards achieving the goals and benefits outlined in your personal programme.

The primary objective for everyone is to progress onto more and more difficult and complex challenges.

Here you will find:
-- The Aims & Objectives of "Starter Lessons"
-- Things to help you progress faster
-- What's after Starter Lessons - Step 3

We offer many resources to help you achieve your objectives.

In Starter Pilates Lessons, you will ...

Objective One: Learn your Personal Programme with your teacher

For most people, this is the Foundational Reformer Repertoire. You might have some specific needs that we will take into account and give you some extra supplementary exercises on other apparatus. 

As you progress, getting stronger and more mobile you will be challenged to move in a more centered and connected way. This allows you to regain control over your body.

Objective Two: Start to "get it into your body" with home practice

What you learn on the Mat DOES help your Reformer and vice versa. Leaving out a part of it is like taking just a slice of your pie and leaving the rest behind. Home practice speeds up your progress in every way.

Starting off with less than ten minutes a day, you will start to develop your own independent practice that you can share with family and friends. This means that you start to “assimilate” the work you are doing.

Practising what you learn in the studio spreads the cost of your One on One studio lessons..

How Often Should You have a 1:1 Pilates Lesson?

We recommend at least two sessions a week to start with.

This will ensure that you progress rather than repeating the same beginner’s session each time.

If you can ONLY make it once a week…

We have found that best results are achieved by focussing on your Matwork for home practice – this DOES involve using all the apparatus in the studio.

The Matwork offers many challenges and can take many months of dedicated practice to master.

Book a package & get 6 for the price of 5!

Things to help you progress faster...

YouTube Channel - start your "One a Day Pilates"

Most people can start with modified versions of the original series from Joseph Pilates’ “Return to Life”. Find it on our YouTube channel: Miguel_Bengoa_Pilates.

Follow the One a Day Playlist adding one new exercise to your routine. When starting off, neer practice more than ten minutes a day. We want to concentrate on create habits.

Discounted access to the Online Video Resources

Hundreds of video tutorials on all apparatus including Mat & Reformer, Chair, Barrels and Cadillac. 

There are also hundreds of Pre-Pilates video and tutorials organised by parts of the body.

Pilates Workshops

Short one day courses with a maximum of just four participants.

We dig deeper into Basic and Intermediate Reformer & Mat on all studio apparatus to gain learn Reformer AND gain a fuller appreciation of how the Pilates system works.

It’s a great way to turbocharge your progress.

Social Media

We post on Instagram and FaceBook regularly (YouTube, less frequently) and we suggest people who offer valuable content.

There are also many other Pilates professionals on social media that are world leaders and offer great content and incredible insights into the world of Pilates.

Ask when you’re in the studio and we’ll tell you the best people to follow for inspiration and knowledge.

Lending Library

We have an old fashioned lending library. Borrow books to learn more and broaden your horizons.


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What's after "Starter Lessons"?

Step #3.

When you are safe on the apparatus and you remember the exercises (wall charts and videos resources to help  you remember) you have choices…

There are two choices.

Step 3: Personal Practice Sessions with Bolt On One on One Sessions

Use the studio for your own Personal Practice. Not only is this is the way to really get The Method into your body and mind, but it’s inexpensive and offer unparallelled timetabling flexibility.

Add Bolt On One on One Sessions (at least one each month) to compliment your personal practice at home and in the studio. These sessions will give your progress a real boost. Think of these sessions as your learning and the Personal Practice as your practice…

Step 3: Continued One on One sessions:

The more expensive option: get your teacher’s undivided attention. You will always be dependent on your teacher and find it more difficult to start your own practice.

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