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“Movers”: Memberships & Bolt On Lessons

This is exactly how Joseph Pilates wanted Pilates to be practised: people managing their own health & fitness autonomously...

The Short Version

So, you’ve had your First Lesson and 5x Starter Lessons.

If you don’t know what these are click the button for info…

The "empowerment" part ...

You know the safety aspects.  You remember the exercises, and can use the wall charts and videos resources to help  you remember.

Bravo you!  So, what’s next?

There are three choices.

  1. Continue One on One private lessons.
  2. Pilates Gym Membership: use the studio for your own personal practice.
  3. Add Bolt On One on One Lessons to your Pilates Gym Membership.

The Longer Version

Option #1 - One on One Lessons

100% personalised attention.

Dig Deeper: you’ll learning more and more challenging exercises and getting better at what we’ve already learned.

Broaden Horizons

You’ll be learning ever more challenging work on Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels and Mat.

Monthly objectives

Together we’ll decide on a monthly object ive each month and work towards that together.

You might not have the studio to yourself, but you will have your teacher’s undivided attention.

If you are committing to your Pilates practice, then spread the cost of your two weekly lessons over the week by practising daily at home...

Spread the cost & get best results!

Use what you learn at the studio to practice at home everyday.  Use the Online Resources to help.

If you come once a week at £55, and you practice everyday, the cost is just £7.80 a day!  This is the secret to Best Results.

Option #2 - Gym Membership Subscriptions

This option suits people who want to learn to practice more or less totally independently – exactly as Joe Pilates envisioned. 

Why Pilates Gym?

Own it!

What you learn you get to keep forever, but what you “do”  you leave at the door. That’s not Pilates Proper.

Time Flexibility

Timetabling flexibility

You can come when it suits you, not just when there is a class timetabled.

There’s no class start time

If you’re late and miss the start of your session, there’s no stress, just start a little bit later.

Take extra time

You finished your workout and want to do a bit more?  You can’t do that with a One on One lesson.

Commitment, but with flexibility

Commitment to yourself

Pilates is a practice – it’s not something you just “do”. 

Membership subscriptions run for a year – that’s a commitment to self.  It’s enough time to really start to explore The Method, but not nearly enough to master it.

Cancel / Upgrade / Downgrade at anytime

Each Booking Confirmation Email has a link that allows you to change payment details or cancel your Membership.

Three Tiers

Gold, Sliver & Bronze


Members’ Video Resources

Free access to a huge video resource library of Pre-Pilates and Pilates Proper (on Reformer, Chair, Barrels and Trapeze)  exercises. This will help you with your practice both in and out of the studio.

Safety & Risk Management

There will always be a teacher present! 

Can’t work independently?

You’re not on your own!  You can always ask questions!

Note that in terms both the teachers’ attention & use of apparatus, priority will always be given to One on One Lessons

Option #3 - Gym Membership Subscription "bolt ons"

The “Goldilocks” option! 

Buy just a one off, two or four One on One Privates to combine with your regular membership plan – and all at a special members’ price!

Not too hot, and not to cold – not too independent nor too dependent…

You’ve got a Pilates Gym Membership but need more help?

You can check the online resources.  Borrow book from the Studio Library.  Ask us for other online resources to consult with.

But there’s no substitute for face to face lessons.  So, book in a “bolt on” private one on one lesson!

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