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Step #1: First 1:1 Pilates Session

When you have your first lesson, it's more for the teacher to see what your body is like, what it's willing to do and what exercises you would not do.

Romana Kryzanowska
The First Session is all about finding out where you are right now and what goals you want to work towards.
Here you will find:
-- "About Your First Pilates Session..."
-- "Booking"
-- "The Practical Details"

About Your Pilates Lesson... about creating the best programme for you!

Your teacher will teach you and, watching how you move, will create your personal Pilates training plan.

The most important thing is not what you do, but how you do it.

What to expect in your Pilates programme...

When new to Pilates, many people feel great pressure to execute each exercise “perfectly”. But in Pilates, “perfect” is impossible!

As you get more comfortable and familiar with what you’re doing, more and more “layers” are added to an exercise – and that’s how you improve. The One Hundred for a new student is not the same as The One Hundred for an experienced student.

The most important things at the Foundation Level are:

  • learn to move from your centre: thighs, bum and stomach;
  • learn the exercises & their order;
  • alignment;
  • just move!


Booking is online. It saves us playing phone tag and that circular conversation about availability.

When I came, I felt really bloated, but now, after my first lesson, I feel like I've had an internal massage! It's amazing.

Nafisa O.

Health Screening & Expectations:

There is a short online Health Screening Questionnaire.

Important health issues include: back pain, shoulder impingement, muscle imbalances, postural problems, heart or breathing problems.

Will we use the Reformer?

Yes, whatever apparatus best addresses your needs 🙂

Home Practice

You’ll get some exercises (with video support) that you can get started with at home

This will totally turbocharge your progress. And gives extra value for money!

Personal Programme emailed to you

After you leave, we’ll create your goal orientated Personal Pilates Programme just for you.

For many people this is mastering the Foundational exercises on Mat & Reformer – with the assistance of the other apparatus.

The Practical Stuff

Getting to Birmingham Pilates

Map to Birmingham Pilates via Roadworks
Follow the Green and then the Red lines to the Zellig Carpark.

Digbeth is gettin it’s much needed upgrade. The downside of that are the roadworks! Use the map to help you – save it to your phone and I’d suggest using it over GPS.


Method One: Pay by Card
Method One: Pay by Card
"Zellig" is the location listed on the app

Appointment Confirmation & Reminders

First Session: come early

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive.  If you’re early, ask the receptionist to call and we’ll get you up to the studio early. We can either get started early, or you can sit on our sofa and watch someone else’s session for a while.

After your First Session ..

You’ll get your Personal Programme by email.

If you like what you’ve experienced, then the next step will be One on One Starter Lessons. Click here for information.

Finding the Studio: photo guide

If you don’t know The Custard Factory or Zellig, these photos might help you orientate.

Zellig Neck Tie
The Studio: third floor windows - above the neck tie
Zellig Entrance
Zellig Entrance from the Zellig carpark
The big redbrick building is Zellig Gibb St.
Zellig Entrance
The Atrium area of Zellig
Birmingham Pilates Studios Assessment Lesson
Zellig Reception: office hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Most most people can start on Reformer.  If the Basic Reformer exercises are unsuitable for you then we can start off addressing your specific needs on Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Barrels or small apparatus…

You can find current prices on the Booking Page (here)

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As soon as you start, you’ll realise that you are in control at all times. 

That’s a part of what Pilates is all about: control. 

In fact, that is what Joe Pilates called his exercise system: “Contrology”.

It’s very rare that people really progress in groups. 

This is because the idea of “progressing” in groups is not really emphasised and teachers often change the exercises each lesson – this is creative, but it isn’t Pilates the way that Joseph Pilates created it..

Pilates is about learning and progressing and everyone does that at their own speed and everyone is at their own level.  That’s why groups don’t work.

Yes, there is a shower room on the First Floor with two separate, lockable cubicles.

Close fitting and stretchy are best so that I can see clearly how your body, your spine especially, is moving.

No, Pilates is done without shoes.

Some people prefer not to take off their socks.  Be aware that some exercise require standing or pushing off a surface.  So, the if you do really want to wear socks, make sure that they are specially made for Pilates (yes, they exist :-)) with sticky pads on the soles to improve grip.

As long as you are not absolutely stuffed – a light meal isn’t usually a problem – unless you suffer from gastric problems.

You can use the confirmation email to reschedule up to 24 hours before your lesson.  After that, you’ll have to call me to ask me if I would reschedule for you.  Repeated rescheduling can result in the cancellation of your booking.

And it’s not all about exercise he was promoting physical and spiritual (not religious) health.

The idea is to create change.  And creating change takes effort.  Think of taking and “internal shower” rather than total exhaustion – no-one can move properly if you continue to total exhaustion, but it is supposed to be work.

A little bit frequently goes much further than total exhaustion infrequently.

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