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All About Your Pilates Assessment Lesson

Everything you wanted to know about your Pilates Assessment Lesson

and some things you didn’t!

The Short Version


  1.   You book online:
    • fill in the health questionnaire;
    • tell us where you are now &
    • what you want to achieve.
  2.   At the studio, we chat about where you are now and agree on objectives.
  3.   We do a postural assessment.
  4.   We try a suitable exercises.
  5.   We discuss the best type of lesson for you.
  6.   We show you how you can get support for practice at home.
  7. You can contact us for more information: click here

Here you can find out we have a Pilates Assessment Lesson, how to book, what to expect and where to go.  It’s really easy to do!


It’s all about you!

Here, what you think is important.  Our job is to help you get you to where you want to be. We know about Plates and we know all about the science and are always hungry to learn more, but the important thing here is you.  And you are the expert in you!

Birmingham Pilates Studios Assessment Lesson
Your Pilates Studio. Photo credits: Emma Cheerio. Click to enlarge.

Why have an Assessment before Pilates?

I just want to get on and do Pilates – why bother to have an assessment?

So that you know where you are, where you want to get to and what we need to do to get there.

The assessment helps us offer quality: a goal without a plan is just a wish.

This means that you get the best value for money!

In the Assessment Lesson we learn where you are right now in your fitness journey, where you want to get to and what we need to get there!

Together, we’ll:

  • do a postural assessment – we do this while you’re moving…
  • show how we’ll personalise the lessons to meet your goals and objectives;
  • find the best lesson package for you and
  • show you how we provide support for self practice at home.


Every person is different:


Who are you?

  • Are you a man or a Woman?
  • Are you a young person or senior (like me)?
  • Are you “fit” or “unfit”?
  • Are you a sofa surfer, bodybuilder, or ballet dancer?
  • Have you done Pilates before?



… you want to stay strong, supple and mobile as you age.
… you’re just looking for a new hobby!
… you’ve never done anything like this before and want to give it a go…
… you’ve been doing Pilates for a while and want to tweak your aims and objectives…
… you are a Pilates Matwork teacher already and want to broaden and deepen your understanding of Pilates as a discipline.
… you are a professional athlete already and want to learn a discipline to iron out muscle imbalances caused by your specialization.
… you’ve suffered an injury and wish to complement to your physiotherapy.
… you want to use Pilates to correct postural problems.
… you’re a dancer with hypermobile joints, and worried about long term effects about overextension in the joints (living in them) that you want to become more stable.

All these different people need a personalised approach!  One size does not fit all in Pilates!

What do I do first?

Click the “Book Assessment Now!” button:

And then?

Choose your day & time:

Birmingham Pilates Studios Assessment Lesson
Choose date & time: click to enlarge

We use Acuity Scheduling: an online booking system.  It puts you in control of scheduling your lessons.

First there’s a calendar. Choose the most suitable and convenient time and date for you. You can see when there are free slots and just click.

After that?

Your details: name and contact details:


Everything you wanted to know about your Pilates Assessment Lesson and some things you didn't! It’s crazy amazing fantastic that you’re interested in starting Pilates and even better with us at Birmingham Pilates Studios. We’re convinced that you'll be more than impressed with our location, the studio and most importantly of all, or personalised service. That personalization starts with your Pilates Assessment Lesson. Here you can find out how to book, what to expect and where to go.  It's really easy to do! This Pilates Assessment Lesson is witness to our systematized approach that relies on science and knowledge of anatomy and less on marketing gimmicks and false promises. Most importantly, it puts you first and foremost! It means that you won’t hear things like: “Pilates is an Art” spoken in a mysterious tone of voice that serves to baffle, confound, confuse, deceive, perplex, puzzle, mystify, bamboozle, befog and put the instructor on a pedestal: the possessor of knowledge. No. This is your body and it’s your journey and you are the expert. Our job is to help you get you to where you want to be. We know about Plates and the science and are always hungry to learn more, but you are the expert in you!
Your Information: click to enlarge

The Questionnaire

it’s about tailoring everything to get you to where you want to be!


Is designed to find out:

– Any relevant medical problems

– how much experience you have with thinking about health and fitness.

– Where you are right now.

– Where you want to get to.

Take your time to think carefully about what yo want: the more fully you answer these questions, the more likely you’ll achieve our goals!



Get the Coupon Code!

Sign up for the newsletter!

To get the Coupon Code: sign up to our Newsletter in the home page pop up.  If you’ve closed it, it won’t appear until 24 hours have passed.  If you can’t wait, then open the studio website in a private / incognito window.  The Newsletter also gives you the Online Pilates Foundations Course in your inbox – all totally free and without obligation free!

Assessment Pilates Lesson Birmingham Pilates Studios
Use Promo Code: click to enlarge


You’ll see this page on your screen.  The date and name will be different though! 🙂

Birmingham Pilates Studios Assessment Lesson
Booking Confirmation Page: click to enlarge.

Email Confirmation

Reschedule / Add to iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar:

Birmingham Pilates Studios Assessment Lesson
Confirmation Email: click to enlarge

Now that you’re all booked:

Getting to the Pilates Studio

There’s a map on our Contact Page: click here.

There are buses and both New Street and Moor Street train stations are within 15 minutes walk.

When you get to Custard Factory, go into the Zellig Building.  The Zellig is the most beautiful part of the Custard Factory complex:

That’s us: the beautiful red brick buildings on the main Digbeth High Street (Deritend High Street), Birmingham East Side.

Birmingham Pilates Studios Assessment Lesson
Photo by Nick Bradshaw @ Serious Content - click to enlarge

The view from the Gibb Street entrance:

Zellig Entrance
Zellig Entrance: click to enlarge

And here’s our amazing reception with Michelle and Jen.  Tell the rexetion that you’ve arrived, and I’ll come to meet you!

Birmingham Pilates Studios Assessment Lesson
Click to Enlarge: Zellig Reception

Zellig Reception Michelle & Jen


See you very soon!


Best wishes,


Miguel 🙂

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