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Step One: First Private Pilates Session

Everything you wanted to know!

It’s rather long, but we wanted to cover the most commonly asked questions.

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When you have your first Pilates lesson, it's more for the teacher to see what your body is like, what it's willing to do and what exercises you would not do.

Pilates for Beginners

Before Your First Pilates Lesson...

Health Screening Questionnaire

To ensure safety and to make the most out of your first lesson, please take some time to honestly fill out our Health Screening Questionnaire with as much detail as you think necessary.

There is also an opportunity for you to tell us exactly what you want to get out of your Pilates Journey. We can take you from complete and absolute beginner to the most advanced, difficult and challenging parts of the work.

About your First Pilates Lesson...

I've never done Pilates before!

And Mozart couldn’t play the piano when he was born. Pilates is for everybody and everyone starts their journey wherever they are. 

Never be intimidated by people showing off on social media. That’s usually for marketing purposes. Like you, we are normal humans with our own strengths and weaknesses…

Will we do Apparatus Pilates?


As well as Reformer and Tower, Classical Pilates uses the full range of Pilates apparatus Cadillac, the Chairs (three types), the Barrels (three types) etc. That is what makes Classical Pilates such a complete exercise system.

Removing apparatus is like having a slice of pie and throwing the rest away. We want you to have the full pie. It’s why we don’t do big classes.

Is the first lesson with an instructor?


The first lesson is with one of our qualified instructors. You will work through a programme together and given personalised cue cards, to help inform your practice and track your progress. 

Our instructors will assist you in getting the right feel for the exercises, especially those that may be challenging for you. This personalised approach will help you progress at your own pace and maximize the benefits of each session.

Booking your First Lesson

It's all online

Booking is online to save us playing phone tag and that circular availability conversation.

When I came, I felt really bloated, but now, after my first lesson, I feel like I've had an internal massage! It's amazing.

Getting to us

By Train…

From Grand Central & Birmingham Moor Street it’s a 10-15 minute walk.

By Tram…

20 minute walk from Snow Hill.

By Bus…

The 13, 17, 57, 58, 60, and 97 buses all stop on Digbeth High Street.

By Car & GPS…

Enter “Zellig Car Park” into your GPS to find our dedicated car park.


Where are we, precisely?

Birmingham Pilates Studios
Unit 318 Zellig Building
The Custard Factory
Gibb Street
B9 4AU

Telephone / message contact

0121 749 0623

Parking: map & app

Here's a map to help you find the best parking

Zellig Directions
Click to expand...
Enter “Zellig Car Park” into your GPS to find our dedicated car park.


Method One: Pay by Card
Method One: Pay by Card
"Zellig" is the location listed on the app

Confirmation & Reminders

Appointment Confirmation & Reminders

First Session: come early

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive.  If you’re early, ask the receptionist to call and we’ll get you up to the studio early. We can either get started early, or you can sit on our sofa and watch someone else’s session for a while.

When I arrive - where do I go?

We are on the Third Floor of the ZELLIG building, Custard Factory. That’s the building with the handsome facade on Digbeth High Street.

Enter the building and during office hours (often Saturdays too) you can go into reception and tell them you’ve arrived and I’ll come to collect you.

Out of office hours, give me a call and I’ll come to find you: 07448 219 249.

If you don’t know The Custard Factory or Zellig, these photos might help you orientate.


Zellig Neck Tie
The Studio: third floor windows - above the neck tie
Zellig Entrance
Zellig car park & entrance
Gibb St: the left hand building is Zellig
Zellig Entrance
Zellig Atrium
Birmingham Pilates Studios Assessment Lesson
Zellig Reception: office hours opening
Zellig-Car Park
Zellig Car Park

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