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What makes us different?

We teach you so you own it!

We offer three clear steps to owning your own practice!

You might find that you need to forget everything you’ve ever learned about exercise and, very very possibly, even if you’ve done “Pilates” before.

You are about to enter a whole different world with its own language and way of approaching exercise.

" can know all the exercises on all the apparatus but still not know Pilates: Pilates is more than the exercises, it's a concept!"

Eve Gentry

We do things differently than most Pilates Studios and Pilates teachers the world over. Some, though, like us, are in the know!

Find out how and why below!  

Pilates is so much more than just the exercises, whether on Mat, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac or Barrels.  It’s a progressive Method.

It’s not based on number of repetitions, nor load, but on quality of movement. It’s progressive and as you learn more, your body adapts and changes for the better. If done properly, results are guaranteed.

There are three steps

Step 1: First Session, Call or Visit

First Lessons are 90 minutes long.

Cost: just £48

If you’re not ready for a First Lessons then book a…

 – 15 minute call back to ask any questions you like.  This is free.

 – No obligation 30 minute visit to the studio to see the apparatus and meet your teacher.  This too, is free.

First 1:1 Lesson (for cost, please see the booking & info page here).  The First Lesson includes the following:

  • These are 90 minutes long to allow ample time for questions and generally exploring the method.
  • An online health screening questionnaire before you arrive.  this saves time in your First Lesson.
  • Text and email reminders and the possibility to reschedule your lesson should you need to.
  • A postural / physical assessment as you perform various exercises.
  • A workout that is appropriate for your body & level.
  • A personal programme will be sent to you 24 hours after your lesson.
If you want to keep things simple, stop here. If you want more, read on!

Step 2: One on One Starter Sessions

These are discounted 1:1 sessions to get you started
Cost: just £48 each - ask about any promotions...
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These sessions designed to help you safely perform the exercises in your personal programme. 

For most people, the objective is to learn your personal programme so that you can join in the Pilates Gym Sessions. 

Many people can do this in about six sessions: First Session plus Starter Sessions – that’s why we have the extras! 

These exercises are generally divided into two: Matwork for home practice (15 minutes maximum) and Reformer for studio practice. 

Extras: home practice
Cost: free

Joseph Pilates wanted everyone to be independent in their practice. As we are teaching his system in the most authentic was possible, you will get the chance to turbocharge your studio work with home practice.  Here is a sample playlist.

Extras: video resources & tutorials
Cost: just £5 per month for studio members

You will get discounted access to the online video resources to help you learn both your home Matwork and Reformer work and any other exercises that are given to address your personal needs & wants.

Extras: one day workshops
Cost: just £55 currently, but varies.
Check the workshop page for up to date prices.

For first timers and those already on their Pilates’ journey! 

Step 3: One on One Sessions and/or "Gym Sessions"

Cost: £18 - £20 - £22.50 depending on package.

There are three memberships: gold, silver, bronze. But this is where the magic starts to happen 

Choice 1: Pilates Personal Practice “Gym Sessions”

Come to the studio and practice with minimal supervision.

  • These sessions are significantly cheaper than 1:1 lessons.
  • There is great flexibility in timetabling.  You can arrive slightly late or early and  stay longer than your session to get in extra practice.
  • The practice that you are doing at home will really help you gain insights into the work you are doing at the studio.
Choice 2: “Gym Sessions” with 1:1 “Bolt Ons”
These are specially discounted lessons designed to supplement Gym Sessions. At least one to be taken monthly.
You will:
  • dig deeper into the exercises you already know;
  • correct errors that have crept in;
  • learn new, more challenging exercises;
  • use different apparatus (Spine Corrector, Wunda Chair, Trapeze etc.) to gain deeper insights into what you are already practising.
  • learn more Matwork exercises to get more out of your home practice.

Choice 2: Ongoing 1:1 Private Lessons

Perhaps you feel that independent practice just ins’t for you.  And that’s fine too.  You can continue with 1:1 Private Lessons and we will work together so that you get the amazing benefits that Pilates offers!

Other considerations

1. The Pilates Apparatus...

It's not either: "Mat Pilates" or "Reformer Pilates" ...
Jeremy Wunda Side
Our handcrafted "Wunda Chair"

This is perhaps the biggest thing that separates Authentic / Classical Pilates from Pilates – based exercise.

Classical Pilates doesn’t see Mat and Reformer as different types of Pilates. Instead, the exercises performed on the Mat and the Reformer are closely related and interconnected like the thread of a spider’s web.

Secondly although they are the basis and are the most well known apparatus, there is a load of other apparatus that helps you master the Mat and Reformer and provides you extra challenges!

There is the Wunda Chair that demands great strength and control, the three different Barrels that help you move your spine and the Cadillac that is a complete gym in itself – including upside down work!

Then, there is the small apparatus.  The best known is the Magic Circle.  But then there is the Toe Gizmo, the Foot Corrector and Sand Bag that teach us to work our wrists and hands and ankles and feet from our centre!

Third, if you are leaning both, very quickly you’ll see that cross over.  What you do on the Mat, you’ll be seeing on the Reformer.  They are different, but complement each other perfectly.  Just like sugar and spice!

Fourth, a group format means that the room will only ever have one type of apparatus – the type that the group use.   

So, my question is: why miss out on the possibilities Authentic Pilates offers? Why limit yourself?

2. You can do the Mat Work at home

... get extra value and progress faster

Here’s a phrase I often hear:

"I don't want to do Mat Pilates, I want to do Reformer Pilates... it's better"

Pilates is a process.  The the matwork will help your Reformer work and vice versa. The home practice guarantees success – it takes just 10 minutes a day! What’s not to love?

Let me let you into a secret. 

The Matwork is HARD.  Really HARD.

But you’ll get there with consistency, perseverance and patience.

Who wins the race, the hare of the tortoise?

I have met, face to face, only a handful of people that are close to mastering The Matwork.  Think fingers of one hand.  And I am including “Pilates Teachers” in that.

Did you know that a “Pilates Mat” is a dedicated piece of apparatus with handles and a strap?  It isn’t only a repurposed Yoga Mat… though they have their place too!

Here’s a dedicated Pilates Mat…

Jeremy Folding Mat
Folding Mat in its maker's home

3. Finally, we don't do the "group classes"

... but why not?

Group Classes leave you short changed, unless the participants know The Method.

  • Proper health screening usually doesn’t happen.
  • Aims and objectives are not stated and re-evaluated over time.
  • You are unique. Cues and instructions in One on One sessions are always personalised.  
  • You’re busy.  1:1 lessons offer much better timetabling possibilities. For availability see booking page.
  • Personal Practice Session offer unparalleled timetabling flexibility.
  • Pilates is about progressing and improving – there’s a clear “syllabus”.  In a group setting you’ll be limited by the rest of the group.
  • For fastest progress Learn Matwork AND Reformer in the studio and Practice Matwork at home.  You’ll much more our of it and better value for your cash!
  • 1:1 lessons allow for much better social distancing.

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