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What makes Birmingham Pilates different?

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We teach Pilates "Proper"

All the solutions that you are looking for are hard-baked into Joseph Pilates’ Method. Nothing needs to be added nor taken away.

It might sound trite to say that “we teach Pilates” but we quoted Pilates’ Elder Jay Grimes before, and he’s worth quoting again:

“By a strange twist of fate, the name Pilates is in the public domain as a generic term. You can stand on a rock twirling a hula hoop and call it Pilates. And some do!”

“There are so many versions of Pilates that not only the general public but the medical profession is confused!”

“There are so many Pilates based and Pilates inspired variations that bear no resemblance to one another, yet they all claim the name.”

“This does not mean that they are all bad. On the contrary, some of them are extremely good and much needed.”

“But they are not the exercise method created by Joseph Pilates.”

Authentic Pilates: difficult to find

- but it's much more accessible now!

You might be surprised to learn that it’s quite rare to actually quite rare to find Pilates that follows as close as possible to what Joseph Pilates taught – in the UK, at least. 

Most teacher training don’t teach it (remember the Jay Grimes quotation?), but like detectives, we’ve done the research and got the people close to the source be our teachers.

Thanks to Zoom – we can have the best teachers in the world in our studio teaching us what they learned from the Pilates’ Elders!

Then there are books from good sources:

The Red Thread of Pilates

The “Red Thread of Pilates: the integrated system and variations of Pilates the Mat” costs £300! Click here for Kathy Ross Nash’s website.


We teach it like that because we know that’s where the magic lies – in Joe’s Method – or at least as close as we can get:

  • we teach the same exercises and in the same order;
  • we don’t separate Mat & Reformer and the other apparatus – they are all part of the same pie;
  • we use (as nearly as possible) all the same apparatus – it is necessary;
  • and from good reliable sources, we know we approach Pilates in a very similar way to Mr. Pilates:
    • as learning rather than just a workout;
    • a true Mind, Body, Spirit discipline (ask me how :-));
    • that is is the DEPTH and the LAYERS that you bring to the exercise that’s important, not the exercise itself;
    • 1:1 lessons are best for LEARNING;
    • group work is great for PRACTICE;
    • you can do your Mat Work (everyday for best results) at home and Reformer in the studio.

" can know all the exercises on all the apparatus but still not know Pilates: Pilates is more than the exercises, it's a concept!"

Why not get started?

It's about progress

Step 1: First Lesson

First 1:1 Lesson (for cost, please see the booking & info page here).  The First Lesson includes the following:

  • These are 90 minutes long to allow ample time for a proper consultation and postural analysis.
  • An online health screening questionnaire before you arrive.  this saves time in your First Lesson.
  • Text and email reminders and the possibility to reschedule your lesson should you need to.
  • A postural / physical assessment as you perform various exercises.
  • A workout that is appropriate for your body & level.
  • A personal programme will be sent to you 24 hours after your lesson.

Step 2: One on One Starter Lessons

Duration: 55 minutes

Cost: £48

These discounted 1:1 sessions are designed to help you safely perform the exercises in your personal programme. 

For most people, the objective is to learn your personal programme so that you can join in the Pilates Gym Sessions. 

Many people can do this in about six sessions: First Session plus Starter Sessions – that’s why we have the extras! 

These exercises are generally divided into two: Matwork for home practice (15 minutes maximum) and Reformer for studio practice. 

There are hundreds of video and written tutorials you can watch at home to speed up your learning.

We offer Mat and Reformer Sunday workshops each month.

Step 3: Continued One on One Lesson

Cost: £46 – £55 depending on frequency per month

Perhaps you feel that independent practice just isn’t for you.  And that’s fine too.  You can continue with 1:1 Private Lessons and we will work together so that you get the amazing benefits that Pilates offers!

Or, Step 3: Personal Pilates Practice Sessions with 1:1 Bolt Ons

Personal Practice Cost: £18 – £20 – £22.50 depending on membership package. 

Bolt On Cost: £48. 

Pilates Personal Practice Sessions

Come to the studio and practice with minimal supervision.

  • These sessions are significantly cheaper than 1:1 lessons.
  • There is great flexibility in timetabling.  You can arrive slightly late or early and  stay longer than your session to get in extra practice.
  • The practice that you are doing at home will really help you gain insights into the work you are doing at the studio.
 1:1 “Bolt Ons”
These are specially discounted lessons designed to supplement Personal Practice. Remember, all teachers have their own teachers – I have three teachers that teach me!
Bolt Ons add onto what you’re already doing and help to increase your repertoire of exercises:
  • add onto what you are already doing by:
    • building up on and challenging with variations & modifications
    • deepening and adding layers (control, precision, flow and breathing)
    • correcting errors that creep in;
    • broadening your understanding by taking an exercise from one piece of apparatus to another;
  • You will learn new exercises to make your workouts more complete with a wider variety of movements and more complex movements.

And progress is guaranteed

Pilates is easy to learn but difficult to do. But the benefits of Pilates come from the learning. And the learning comes from the doing.

At the beginning we learn the Foundational Exercises and

  • Learning to move from your centre. That’s, your core, powerhouse or girdle of strength: your thighs, gluteal and stomach muscles. Your stomach muscles wrap all the way round to your spine – and that’s how your spine is protected.
  • Concentration is needed to become more aware of alignment in movement (people often call this “form” – a fancy word for alignment) and learning to move from your centre. 

As you progress, Control and Precision become more important and later, Breathing and Flow are added bringing true depth to your practice. 

It is possible to perform advanced exercises on your first day. But it is the “how”: the DEPTH and LAYERS that you bring to an exercise that make it advanced, not just the exercise itself.

The Apparatus

You will have the opportunity to use all the Pilates apparatus

  • Dedicated Pilates Mat with strap and handles
  • Reformers with all the usual accessories
  • Cadillac & Tower
  • Ladder Barrel
  • Spine Correctors
  • Baby Barrel
  • Wunda Chairs
  • Baby (Arm) Chair
  • Foot Corrector
  • Toe Gizmo
  • Sandbag
  • Breath-A-Cizer
  • Magic Circles

Lots of Extras!

  • Video Resources to help learn the exercises
  • YouTube hints and tips
  • Lending library

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