Stories of Transformation

 … Pilates is maintenance for your body!

 – first pilates lesson with Miguel online…


I finished this morning my first Pilates lesson with Miguel online.


extremely impressed how efficient it was… 


I was extremely impressed how efficient it was. Thanks to Miguel’s precise instructions i went through all 50 minutes with no problem at all.


… finding my way around in Pilates


And I am a beginner who is still finding my way around in Pilates. I will certainly carry on.


online is a great way to cope with this difficult period of isolation …


I think doing pilates with Miguel online is a great way to cope with this difficult period of isolation. I strongly recommend it!


Tatjana S

 – back problems (…) hip surgery…


I’m a Self employed Graphic Designer and as a result suffer hugely with back problems. On top of that I had recently had hip surgery. I knew there were no easy fixes to the problems with my back and the rehabilitation for my hip but I was looking for something really positive that I could use to help in my journey to some sort of recovery


 I was getting very frustrated trying to find that ‘something’


Most of the things I had tried in the past didn’t seem to work. I felt like I need to something to believe in a lot more, some that was a bit more holistic in it’s approach and I was getting very frustrated trying to find that ‘something’.

It’s still very early days for me but …

From day one Miguel made it very clear what Pilates is. It’s more than just doing a few exercises. It’s understanding how your body works from the inside out and taking that as a life-long journey. Something to actually believe in.


It’s still very early days for me but all the things I am learning about myself and my body make perfect sense and I have no doubt that with hard work I will feel better, and not just in terms of my back and hip. I think I understood this on day one.

I feel like I have something (…) that can keep me fit and healthy

I now feel optimistic! I feel like I have something in my life that can keep me fit and healthy for as long as I want or need it.


Ian F

 I wasn’t looking after myself properly…


I had difficulty climbing the stairs as I was getting out of breath.  I had an internal rotation of the leg which gave me a pigeon toed feet.  I wasn’t looking after myself properly (I’m a busy wife and mother) and had gained some weight which I didn’t like.

Within a month I was climbing the stairs…”

It wasn’t that I had found Pilates, because I’d been to other Pilates classes and I’d had one on one tuition.  But I always came away feeling that there must be something more to it than this…  I’d joined expensive Health Clubs and went to Spas and retreats, but none of this really had any lasting effect.  Miguel alters the combination of exercises and equipment as the sessions flow.  He really knows what he’s doing!  There’s always a plan and that plan is flexible.  He always makes each lesson interesting, challenging and energising yet I still come away with a clearer, more relaxed mindset .

everyone kept saying how well I looked…”

It has transformed my life.  Pilates one on one classes, with Miguel, are essential to my mental and physical well being.  Within a month I was climbing the stairs without breathing heavily, within three months everyone kept saying how well I looked and whether I’d lost weight, within six months I kept being told I had never looked better with bright eyes and glowing skin.  Had I had Botox ? Had I had surgery or found some super food?  No, it was Miguel that helped me create these changes.

” I cannot imagine life without Pilates.”

The best thing I have done for myself in years. I cannot imagine life without Pilates. When I get stressed at home the family now say , “Go and do some Pilates with Miguel! “

Andie S

“Back Pain, stiffness and poor movement…”


Before seeing Miguel at Birmingham Pilates Studios, I had been having Back Pain, stiffness and poor movement.  I spend a lot of time at my desk and have ever really done much movement in my life.  I’m in my sixties now and decided that I’d better do something before it was too late.


I’d generally have some physical discomfort, not always pain (though there would sometimes be some), almost always.  And I experienced that to be quite frustrating and a little worrying for what the future might hold.

“… every time, I feel very positive, euphoric even …”

Miguel is understanding and while he really pushes me to do more, he is very supportive.  But it’s not just in the session, when I get home, and this has really surprised me, every time, I feel very positive, euphoric even.  I think that because of the connection of the mind to the body, it’s value is immediate and it’s lasting.  He does get you to practice at home as well!


I can’t really pinpoint an exact moment when I realised that there was a difference, but there was on time, about a year ago now (after maybe ten or twelve sessions), when I suddenly realised I didn’t have any back pain!  I always had back ache after doing the housework, and I just said to myself: “that’s incredible, really”.

“My partner is really pleased …”

It’s like this: Last night I had the lawn mower out for about 45 minutes.  It’s a petrol one, but it’s bloody heavy to turn and very cumbersome.  And it’s not just that you have to pick up the grass and so on.  So, I thought I’d get some bother with my back, but I didn’t at all.  In the longer term, like when I’m doing the washing up or doing something around the house, I get no pain.  My partner is really pleased that I can do these things without any problems!

Stephen H.

“I was stressed.  I was not taking care of myself.”


I was stressed.  I was not taking care of myself, no exercise, poor eating, lack of sleep. I decided to do something for myself. I remembered pilates classes that I took years ago so I tried to do some exercises at home ….

“Miguel clearly takes Pilates to another level.  This is the Real Deal …”

But I realised I needed guidance to do the exercises correctly and also to find exercises that were right for me, not only the ones I remembered.


Miguel clearly takes Pilates to another level.  This is the Real deal.  Professionalism.  Having done Pilates before, the Trial Lesson immediately showed me how Miguel is not only knowledgeable but a great pedagogue. And the tailored approach is a truly tailored approach – not just marketing  noise.


It is just that I feel good after leaving a class. Miguel is adjusting the class to what I need and is capable of doing this in a split second.  There’s always a plan and an objective, but also the flexibility to change when needed.

I feel stronger, “more connected …”

Today I am way more aware of my posture and then correcting myself (seating, dragging a suitcase – which I have to do often!).  I feel stronger, “more connected”.


Also I am more confident and can now practise some exercises at home with the help of the videos that Miguel makes.


– Marion S.

“I’m growing older …”


I’m growing older – into my late 60’s reveals fitness and flexibility issues beyond my capacity for compensatory adjustments. This is not helped by being overweight and with high blood pressure as well as some degree of spinal stenosis.


I had started to increase walking and a programme of home exercises that helped with mobility but not had much impact on weight or fitness. It was difficult maintaining exercise on a purely individual basis.

“The variety of exercises keeps me engaged …”

Personal one-to-one teaching and coaching delivered by a very supportive and knowledgeable expert is important. The variety of exercises keeps me engaged and I like how they are tailored to address my specific needs in different sessions. I like the access to videos to support home practice in between sessions.

The changes were not just physical.  Changes (for the better) in mood were noticed by my partner who commented that I always came home happier. I recognised feeling better after sessions and disappointed when I could not attend. I could also see that I was starting to complete some exercises better. It is not always dramatic progress but there are enough signs to keep me enthusiastic.

“I wish I had started this much earlier …”

I wish that I had started this much earlier.  I think that it would have been easier but I am sure that this is starting to change my body as well as my sense of well-being.

Richard D.