Wunda Chair: The Classical Order

There isn’t really “an order” for the Wunda Chair, but this is about as close that I can find to some kind of consensus.

New videos with audio coming soon …

I’ve now created “placeholders” for videos to go.

The Wunda Chair

The Wunda Chair blog post: click here

Wunda Chair

  1. Footwork

2. Pumping One Leg

3. Footwork Standing – Tendon Stretch

4. One Hundred

5. Series of Five

6. Push Down

Push Down on Toes

aka Hamstring

aka “Washer Woman”

7. Swan Intro

Pumping Two Arms

8. Swan Dive

Archival Swan Dive

9. Grasshopper

10. Pumping One Arm

11. Teaser One Teaser Two

12. Mermaid aka King Neptune

13. Backward Arms

Backward Arms with One Hand

14. Arm Frog Facing Chair

Arm Frog Facing Chair with One Arm

15. Arm Frog Facing Out

16. Mermaid aka King of Neptune Kneeling

17. Horseback

18. Push Up Sideways

19 Twist

NB This is “Archival Twist”

20 Push Up Sideways Two

21 Tendon Stretch

Tendon Stretch with One Leg

22 Mountain Climbing One & Two

23 Pull Up & Variations

24 Table top

Tabletop with One Leg

25 Pull Up with One Arm

Variations of Pull Up with One Arm

26 Flying Eagle

27 Front Balance Control 1, 2 or 3

28 Side balance Control 1, 2 or 3

29 Corkscrew 1, 2 or 3

30 Push Down with One Arm

31 Frog Facing the Chair

Frog Facing the Chair with One Leg

32 Spine Stretch One & Two

33 Pre-Teaser Stretch

34 Press Down Teaser 1 & 2

35 Frog Facing Out

Frog Facing Out with One Leg

36 Pumping Standing

Variations of Pumping Standing

37 Pumping Kneeling

38 Leg Push Down Front

Leg Push Down Series 1, 2 or 3

39 Push Up

Push Up with One Leg

40 Star

Star Combination 1 & 2

Extras: Exercises not a part of the Classical Order

Hamstring Curls

Semi Circle

Thigh Stretch

Back Leg Press

Back Leg Press 2

Side Leg Press

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