Pre-Pilates for Healthy Toes & Feet

Our feet have two functions and states: to be mobile and elastic to absorb shock when landing and to be solid like a Rubik’s Cube to push off from.  A difficult ask – especially when we keep then entombed in shoes most of the day!

Toes & Arches

Toes: Spreading & Lifting

Mobilise and strengthen your toes to improve balance.

Toes: Grasping

Toes and hands have very similar anatomy – get them working!

Toes: Pushing into Theraband

Strengthen your toes for better running, walking and jumping!

Foot Arch: “Listening Foot”

Flat feet?  Fallen Arches?  Plantar Fasciitis?  Regain control of your arches.

Toes (& Arches) and Ankles

Write the Alphabet with Toes

Ankles connect the leg to the foot and need both mobility AND strength!

Towel Footwork

Strengthen your toes and arches for a better “push off” when walking or running!

Weight Distribution on Feet

– coming soon!

Explore how your posture affects your grounding through your feet.

Toes & Ankles & Knees

Seated Toe Taps

-coming soon

Balance on Toes

Strengthen your toes and improve your balance.  It’s easy?  Try it one legged!

Marching & Walk a Tightrope

Two exercises for coordination of toes, arches, andkles, leg and hip!

Connect to your toes …

How far up does it reach?

Toe Corrector: Standing

Find your abs through these Hip Turnouts

Toe Corrector: Sitting

Thigh Push Outs – Ankle Turnouts – Ankle Circles – Toe Lifts – Ankle Flexion

Toe Corrector: Long Seated

Hip Push Outs – Ankle Mobility 1 & 2

Putting it all together: toes, ankles & knees…

“Foot Corrector” with Tennis Ball

Use an inexpensive Tennis Ball to substitute for an expensive Foot Corrector.

Standing Footwork

Get started with the Footwork on the Reformer but without a Reformer.

Arm Frog prep

Arm Frog n the Chair is a very challenging exercise.  This is the start…

4″ x 2″

– coming soon!

Joe Pilates “created” this simple apparatus to challenge our footwork!

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