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Pre-Pilates: Shoulder Mobility & Strength – Plank Progressions

Foundations: The Plank Progressions

Quick Intro: 

The Plank forms an important part of the last exercise in the traditional Matwork called The Push Up.  The ability to be able to do a Plank is fundamental to so many other exercises: Leg Pull Front on the Mat, Long Stretch Series on the Reformer are two quick examples.  The Plank gives us shoulder stability, works the glutes, inner thighs and abdominals!


What’s it good for?

🌟 Absolutely everything!  But especially good for strengthening the shoulders and teaching shoulder blade stability.
🌟 Torso strength – and also the glutes and abdominals to maintain alignment.



A quick “how to”…

The Plank Progressions

🌟 Begin on all fours (four point kneeling) with your fingers pointing straight ahead.
🌟 Walk your hands forwards so that you can rest your knees on the ground while keeping your torso straight.  Practice this position until you are comfortable with it.
🌟 When you are ready, step back onto one foot and then the other keeping your body in a straight alignment.


Hints & Tips:

🌟 Aim to get a straight line from the back of the heels, pelvis, in between the shoulders and back of the head.  It’s really tough at first but keep working at it and it will, eventually come.  This is one of the greatest things that (IMHO) Pilates teaches us: mental discipline!


Any Questions?

Ask away – I love to help!  Click here for the Contact Page 🙂 – or leave a comment at the bottom of the post – see you there…

Miguel 🙂

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