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Creating a plan of action

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Creating a plan of action: flow

Often I’m told that there’s no time, that life is short, that it flies by so quickly, there are too many other things to do… And all that is true, but time used wisely can be used to our advantage. A well run business over time accumulates profit, in other endeavors, we can accumulate strength, or skill.

… how long will it take?

If you wanted to learn to play the guitar, then you’d ask your teacher how long will it take till I get “reasonably good”? You teacher might then reply:

“I don’t know what good means, you’ll probably have to define that…”

But then she’ll probably ask:

“how quickly can you start?”
“how much time and effort are you prepared to dedicate to it on a daily basis?”Only then would the teacher be able to give you an answer.

Imagine you went to another teacher and asked the same question. And this was the reply:

“Just come to the lessons, you won’t need to practice at home because me lessons are so good!”

Would you actually stay for lessons with that teacher? Or would you go with the first? I mean, I think that you would know that there was something wrong with that approach!

Bodies get stronger with use.  Cars wear out!

Here’s a comparison that I love to make: if we don’t use our bodies regularly and consistently, they will begin to wear out. It’s the opposite of an automobile – if you use your car, it’ll wear out! But when worn out, we can buy a new one. Try doing that with your body!

… you put your shilling into that pot.

There’s no magical pill to offer you, a dogma to sell, nor a magic wand. The only thing I know that’s almost magical effect is consistent daily action. Is that everyday, for a defined amount of time, you put your shilling into that pot. You make a little contribution everyday, If it was a few times a day, even better – like those affirmations (see: “The Rebellion of the Brain” click here) – five times a day!
But if you do stop the normal day, stop the normal patterns of movement that characteristic your day, stop the normal patterns of thinking that you do, take hold of something that is inside your body and remind yourself of how you are moving right now and how you could be moving. Of what you are feeling really counts.

Be patient …

Every worthwhile goal requires patience. If you wanted to study for an MA or a Phd you won’t just enroll one day and get your certificate the day after. It’ll take a few years. You’ll have to be patient and sometimes this is going to suck big time, but you’ll have to swallow that bitter pill and continue what you’ve started. Without patience, you’ll find yourself giving it up. You won’t be crossing that finish line and you’ll have wasted your enrollment fee! Prepare yourself mentally for patience when the going (invariably) get tough. That way you’ve gone a long way to ensure that you don’t quit, you’ve anticipated the slow times.

But do act!

You have decided on your goal. Now you have to take action, you have to do it. The Pilates practice, the reading to check you’re doing it correctly, attend you class or lessons. You’ve got to do the exercise and you’ve got to learn the skills. Action is a fundamental pillar of learning anything. And Pilates is body Learning! Don’t plan too much – just do stuff. Use the Online Pilates course and follow the written PDF plans in the course. And these actions need to be built into your day. Everyday.

Be consistent …

Without consistency, action is wasted. And past action that you have invested in is also, to some extent wasted. Let me tell you about marathon running. You need to train at least three times a week over at least 18 weeks. This will allow you to run a full marathon. Running six times one week and not running for three weeks will result in 42.2 km of pain and a nightmare lasting several hours. Don’t ask me how I know! I just do!

Set a time frame.

How fast do you want to learn your new skill depends on how well and in depth you want to learn it, how much you want to get from it, how realistic your goals are and how often you practice.  Repetition trumps everything.  Talent is important but only for the absolute top level people,for the rest of us, it’s about repetition over time.  Set a goal, check with your teacher that it’s realistic and work towards it.  Don’t be afraid to adjust your goals if you find that you are progressing too slowly or too quickly.  this is where a skilled, experienced teacher comes in – she can help you adjust your goals and your practice so that you’re working as efficiently as possible.

Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavour – Joseph Pilates

Happy Pilatesing
Miguel :-)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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