Foundation: Shoulder Mobility – Pinwheel

Foundations: Foundation: Shoulder Mobility & Stability

Quick Intro: Pinwheel


This exercise is very similar to Telescope Arms (here), but the shoulder blade rotates instead of protracting and retracting.  Make sure you can perform telescope rms befor tackling this.


What’s it good for? ⁠

🌟 Mobilising the shoulders.

🌟 Coordinating the movements of the spine, shoulder, arm and head.

A quick “how to”…


🌟 Lie on your side with a small cushion or bolster under your head as a support.

🌟 Bend your knees and hips to 90 degrees and place your hands on top of each other.

🌟 Reach out your top arm away from yourself and allow your torso to rotate.

🌟 Keeping your elbow straight, describe a circle going overhead and around your torso.

🌟 You’ll find that you’ll need to rotate your arm as it passes overhead.

🌟 Breath into your stretch to enhance it.


Hints & Tips:

🌟 Move as smoothly as possible through the full range of motion and coordinate the rotation of the hips, torso and


🌟 Keep your knees together as you move through the full range of movement

🌟 Reach your knees and arm away from each other as you move through the circle.

🌟 If you encounter discomfort, try exhaling to ease the pressure on your shoulder as it passes overhead.

Any Questions?

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Miguel 🙂

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