Mini Swan

Foundations: Spinal Mobility & Strengthening – Mini Swan

Foundations: Spinal Mobility & Strengthening

Quick Intro: Mini Swan

A perfect exercise for people who live a sedentary life! This is one of the remedies (Pilates has many more!) for a stooped posture and hunched shoulders!


What’s it good for? ⁠

🌟 Strengthening your shoulders.

🌟 Correcting stooped posture.

A quick “how to”…

Mini Swan

🌟 Draw in your abdominals to protect your lower back and limit the amount of movement there.  Keep your pelvis on the mat, but lengthen your tailbone out behind you slightly.

🌟 Lie face down on the mat and reach your hands over your head with your little finger on the mat, palms facing towards each other.

🌟 Slide your shoulder blades down your back (really feel that connection under the shoulder blades) and allow your ribcage to extend off the mat.

🌟 Inhale as your lift up to extend the stretch.


Hints & Tips:

🌟 Focus on the shoulders and getting maximum movement in the upper spine.

🌟 Begin by sliding your shoulder blades down your spine: imagine putting them into your jeans’ pockets.

🌟 Keep your head in line with the rest of your spine.

🌟 Imagine watching a marble roll away from you as you elevate your torso.


Any Questions?

Ask away – I love to help!  Click here for the Contact Page 🙂 – or leave a comment at the bottom of the post – see you there…


Miguel 🙂

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