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Abdominal Curls & Rotation #pilates4life2020 #3 of 31


Abdominal Curls & Rotation

– #pilates4life2020: #3 of 31 exercises

Why do The Chest Lift & Rotation?

This strengthens our abdominals, but also teaches us breathing and deep abdominal activation. And it is this activation that makes the exercise so effective if done well.⁠

✅ Learning to pull in your abdominals as you roll up.⁠
✅ Coordinating breathing and movement
✅ Abdominal strength




A Quick Guide to Abdominal Curls & Rotation

💡 If you want help with Deep Core Activation (essential for this exercise) – ask in the comments 😀. Here’s a hint – don’t allow your abdomen to balloon out while lifting your torso.⁠
💡 Just like the One Hundred and the Roll Downs: allow your spine to melt into the floor as you roll up your torso. Lift from your rib cage and not your head or neck.⁠
💡 Roll up as high as you can – but without your abdomen ballooning out!⁠
💡 For an extra challenge – keep your tailbone and lower spine imprinted into the mat throughout! Ha ha!⁠
💡 Rotations: how much rotation and how much side movement is there? Try with your fists into your breastbone – does that change the sensation of rotation for you?⁠

Joseph Pilates on physical fitness and being:

💬 “… Everything should be smooth, like a cat (…) natural movements … with the emphasis on doing and being”. – it’s about mind and body!⁠



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