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Tic Toc: Corkscrew prep #pilates4life2020 #24 of 31



Tic Toc: Corkscrew prep

– #pilates4life2020: #24 of 31 exercises


What’s it good for?

The full Corkscrew exercise is a very challenging exercise that works the whole of the shoulders, spine, abdominals, external obliques, hamstrings and hip flexors.  These are exercises that prepare us for that challenge!



A Quick Guide to Tic Toc

🌟 Use your obliques to rotate your trunk so your shoulders stay stock still while the pelvis and knees go to the other side.⁠
🌟 If you have difficulty keeping your legs in table top (for Spine Twist Supine), try the exercise with your feet on the mat.⁠
🌟 Further deepen the flexion of the lower spine before pulling the lower side of your pelvis back toward the centre. This will help you connect better to your obliques and use less your spinal extensors.⁠
🌟 Pull your knees (and ankle) gently together to keep your bottom leg lifted as your spine rotates – it will want to drop down! Push up that knee from the pelvis, not you leg! Keep the knees aligned with each other and the centre of your pelvis as well as your ankles and toes – which should be pointed, making your shins active.⁠
🌟 Imagine a steering wheel or windscreen wipers slowly turning in one direction and then another.⁠
🌟 Al the time think of the opposition coming out of the crown of your head.⁠

Joe Pilates on the mind / body connection…

💬 “(Pilates) exercises produce a harmonious structure we term physical fitness reflecting itself in a coordinated and balanced tr-part unity of body, mind and spirit.”⁠

💬 …To explain exercise, Joe Pilates liked to quote Schiller: ‘lt is the mind itself which builds the body’.⁠


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