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Double Leg Stretch #pilates4life2020 #14 of 31

Double Leg Stretch

– #pilates4life2020: #14 of 31 exercises

What’s it good for?

💡 Abdominal Strength

💡 Lumbo-pelvic control & stability

💡 Shoulder mobilisation


A Quick Guide to Double Leg Stretch

💡 Before doing this exercise, make sure that you have fully warmed up – at the very least, try 10x single leg stretches immediately before! Best of all – do all the previous exercises!⁠
💡 Don’t allow you belly to balloon out! In fact, pull it in more with each repetition arrrrr!⁠
💡 Don’t allow your head to bob up and down. Curl up your shoulders and keep your head steady!⁠
💡 Reach your arms as far back as possible without lowering the trunk or elevating your shoulders. It’s more important to maintain your spine on the mat that arms reaching behind you.⁠
💡 If you have the abdominal strength, keep your feet at eye level (if your back starts to arch off the mat, raise your legs higher).⁠
💡 Keep your eyes focussed forwards throughout.⁠

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