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Single Leg Stretch #pilates4life2020 #13 of 31



Single Leg Stretch

– #pilates4life2020: #13 of 31 exercises

🌟 Can you manage ten basic abdominal curls whilst keeping your abdominal muscles pulled in? Then you’re ready for this challenge! Keep practising everyday because the challenges are building up! Each exercise prepares you for the next!⁠[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

What’s it good for?

What’s it good for? ⁠
👉🏽 Strengthens the abdominals⁠
👉🏽 Promotes pelvic stability – does your pelvis move around? 👉🏽 Does it react differently each side?⁠
👉🏽 It prepares us for more challenging abdominal exercises like the Double Leg Stretch – coming tomorrow!⁠




A Quick Guide to Single Leg Stretch

💡 Keep you abdominals pulled in all the time you’re doing this exercise, whether you are breathing in or out!⁠
💡 Keep curled up throughout the exercise – don’t lie down until you have finished. In the full series, we’ll be going straight from one exercise to the next with no breaks – start preparing right now!⁠
💡 If you hear a clicking in your hip joint, try raising your outstretched leg a little!⁠

Mary Pilates (Joe’s Niece) on learning difficult exercises

💬 Joe Pilates’ greatest legacy is his 34 Exercises – though in the full repertoire there are hundreds! Some modern trainers say that Joe’s exercises are too difficult in their original form. But, according to Mary Pilates, Joe’s niece, Joe had an answer for this:- “Uncle Joe said when you did the One Hundred, you started with your legs 2 inches off the floor. If you could only do 10 repetitions, that’s all you did that day….until you could do 11.” ⁠

💬 …To explain exercise, Joe Pilates liked to quote Schiller: ‘lt is the mind itself which builds the body’.⁠


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