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Telescope Arms #pilates4life2020 #12 of 31



Telescope Arms

– #pilates4life2020: #12 of 31 exercises



What’s it good for?

👉🏽 Tight shoulders from sitting at a desk or in a car for too long? Then this is for you! It’ll improve the mobility of your shoulder blades and help coordinate the movements of the spine, shoulder, arm and head.⁠




A Quick Guide to Telescope Arms

💡 Keep your knees together – don’t allow your top knee to side away from your bottom knee.⁠
💡 Move as smoothly as possible through the full range of motion and coordinate the rotation of the hips, torso and head.⁠

A description in Joe Pilates’ obituary

💬 Joe Pilates on … Joseph’s New York Times obituary records that he died at Lenox Hill Hospital. He would have been (born December 9th 1883) and was 83 years old when he died. He is described like this: “… a white-maned lion with steel blue eyes (one was glass from a boxing mishap), and mahogany skin, and as limber in his 80’s as a teenager” Yay – thank you for all your work, Mr. Pilates.⁠

💬 …To explain exercise, Joe Pilates liked to quote Schiller: ‘lt is the mind itself which builds the body’.⁠


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