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The One Hundred #pilates4life2020 #2 of 31



The One Hundred

– #pilates4life2020: #2 of 31 exercises


Why do The One Hundred?


✅ The glutes, outer thighs and abdominals.⁠
✅ Breathing capacity.⁠
✅ It gets the blood pumping.⁠
✅ It’s a watershed (or signpost) – when you’ve mastered the One Hundred you’re well on your way. Be patient, give it time.⁠




A Quick Guide to The One Hundred

💡 Be patient. Keep practising everyday!⁠
💡 As you pump: imagine you’re patting water: create big splashes!⁠
💡 Work from your centre: keep your wrists and elbows totally locked – the only hinge is at your shoulder – work from deep inside your armpit!⁠
💡 Leave your legs on the ground if your abs and seat can’t lift them – keep connecting to your seat and soon your legs will float up as if attached to helium balloons!⁠

Joseph Pilates on breathing:

💬When exercising really hard, we expel only about 50% of the air. The remaining, Joe believed, was a “haven for the multiplication of harmful germs”.⁠


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