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Reformer: Footwork Parallel and V Position



Reformer Footwork

– get your feet, ankles and knees working


What’s it good for?

🌟 Learning to get full movement from the ankle knee and hip joints.
🌟 Learning how the abdominal and spinal muscles control the position of your pelvis.
🌟 Stabilizing the lower back and the pelvis and the ankle joint.
🌟 Strengthening the front and back of your  upper legs (hamstrings and quadriceps) as well as the muscles along the shin that pull the feet up (dorsiflexion).
🌟Strengthens the front and back of your lower legs.
🌟 Strengthening the arches of the feet.



Hints and Tips

Springs = heavy to very heavy
Headrest = up
Footbar = high


💡 Imagine that there’s a rubber band connecting your heels to your sit bones. As straighten your legs, the rubber band stretches and wants to pull the carriage back into the stoppers.  Resist this pressure. Never let the apparatus push you around, instead, you push the apparatus around.
💡 Imagine pulling through your heels.


💡 Trying to feel a lifted sensation as you push out as if you were pulling pushing off a springboard.
keep your heels still on the angle of your feet consistent. Imagine your feet being supported by a floor underneath.

V position.

💡 Straighten your legs and squeeze them together at the same time. Imagine squeezing the juice out of a lemon on to your salad!
💡 Keep your heels still what squeezing them together.
💡 straighten your legs completely focusing on the work of the outer thighs and the upper legs.
💡 Connect to your butt and squeeze it!
💡 Keep your pelvis perfectly still: lower ribs on the mat tailbone on the mat.
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