Reformer Short Box Series: Set Up

– To save space and avoid repetition, I’ve put the initial Set Up instructions for the Short Box Series here.





Before we begin …

It’s easy to forget about the lower body – but that is the key to this whole series – it’s literally what keeps us sable.
Don’t forget about your lower body!
You’ll work hard to perfect the shapes of the top half of the body, but you’ll need to pay attention to what’s going on in the lower body.
The strength of the lower body is the foundation on which the top half works…
At first it will be hard to exert enough tension on the straps to keep them tight and quiet.
Be patient and practice.  Often.
If the straps go slack or you move forward on the box as you work, just stop, move back and make the straps tight again. In time you’ll see that working the strap is part of the exercise.
And the same is true for the Mat – but that’s a different convo….

The Set Up

The distance of the Box from the Footstrap affects the difficulty of the exercise…


Hints & Tips

Start off this Series on the Ladder Barrel.  There are two advantages.

  1. You’ll be Rolling UP a Barrel instead of over a flat box
  2. The Ladder gives much more solid and firm support than a strap which can move around.


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