Reformer Stomach Massage Series: Round Back 

– Strengthen your abdominals and massage your internal organs!!

In this series, we revisit the Footwork that we started with (have we ever left it – I wonder?) but now we’re sitting up and trying not to allow thee Reformer to push us off our sit bones!


What’s it good for?




Stomach Massage Round Back: Quick “how tos” …


The Set Up


The Stomach Massage Round Back – “how to”

Exhale: without allowing your heels to drop press out of the carriage by straightening the legs.
Inhale:  with fully straight legs, lower your heels keeping them together and ankle bones separate
Exhale: push the carriage out again by lifting your heels and keeping them lifted,
Inhale: bring the courage back in  to close the springs whilst keeping your heels up.
Once you’ve mastered this sequence try working with a brisk rhythm but without losing precision or flow

Hints and Tips

… imagine mountain peaks: don’t fall off! 


Variations & Modifications



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