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Return to Life: #14b Thigh Stretch



Return to Life: Thigh Stretch

– Tight hips – this is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Done right, this exercise will stretch tight hip flexors and quads.

What’s it good for?


  • Stretch tight hip flexors and quads that have been overworked in a small range of movement during endurance training activities..

Pilates Geeks

  • This will help you better find the very challenging Shoulder Bridge more accessible: an exercise that is coming soon…

Difficulty: Starters
Reps: 4-6



The “how to”

Kneeling up, bring your arms into a horizontal position.
Exhale engage your abdominals and as you
Inhale bend your knees as you push your hips forward, keeping your arms horizontal.

Hints and Tips

💡  Engage your abdominals so that you don’t bend into two at the hip – that’s where your upper leg bones meet you pelvis (aka femurs).
💡  Think of reaching your upper leg bones up and forward as you lean back from your knees.
💡  Keep your head inline with your spine – this exercise is about getting a stretch rather than doing a backbend.
💡  As you lean, think “long” back as you lean back.
💡  Think of breathing “into the stretch”.

Extras: Precautions

☀️ … You might experience some pain as this stretch can be very uncomfortable.  Try to distinguish between “stretching pain” and “damaging pain”
☀️ … Knee problems: you can kneel on a pad, bloster or cushion, or limit the range of motion.


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