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– You can practise swimming as part of your Pilates practice!

This exercise will get your legs moving but will also strengthen your back offsetting postural problems caused by sitting too long at desks.

What’s it good for?


Pilates Geeks

Difficulty:  Easy
Reps: 25



The “how to”

Lie face down with your arms stretched forward and palms down. Point your toes in the opposite direction. Raise your chest upwards and forwards off the mat.
Raise your right arm and left leg upward as far as possible and alternate your beats of the right arm and leg with the left arm and leg.
Inhale and exhale for every five beats.


Hints and Tips

💡 Imagine doing little flutter kicks with your arms and legs.

💡 Think of swimming Freestyle stroke with both arms and legs operating as the legs.

💡 Reach out and keep your arms and legs straight.

💡 Keep your shoulders out of your ears.

💡 Keep the movements of your arms and legs small.


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