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Return to Life: #26 Leg Pull

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Return to Life: 

– Reach long and down and up simultaneously without falling breaking that long line of energy!

This exercise will help you stretch out your shoulders and improve hip flexor range of motion as well as strengthening your abs, butt and spine.

What’s it good for?

Muscle Focus

  • Hip, back and shoulder extensors.
  • Hip flexors.


  • To strengthen hip and shoulder extensors.
  • To develop trunk stabilisation.
  • Improve hip flexor control.

Difficulty: intermediate – it rather depends on your body!
Reps: three each way
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The set up & “how to”

Inhale and sit with your arms about 30 cms behind you with your fingers facing your pelvis. Straighten your legs out in front of you and point your feet. Lift your pelvis off the floor and bring your body into a straight line from feet to shoulders.
Exhale and flex your hip to lift one leg up toward the ceiling.
Inhale and lower your leg, and change to the other leg.

Hints and Tips

💡 Keep your shoulders out of your ears as you lift off the ground.
💡 Isolate the movement of your leg as you lift and lower it.
💡 Align your head with your spine.
💡 Keep your body perfectly still as your leg reaches upwards and outwards.
💡 Mobility of the shoulders and hip is a major feature of this exercise – as your leg reaches hip flexor strength and hamstring mobility is key.
💡 Think of line of energy: one running from head through to ankles that you need to keep stable and straight whilst the other is created by the leg reaching upward attached to the pelvis.
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