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Return to Life: #27 Side Kick Kneeling


Return to Life: 

– It’s an extension of the Side Kick but with a much smaller base of support – this is a typical Joe Pilates strategy to further challenge us!!

This exercise will help mobilise your spine sideways whilst learning strength controlling your trunk whilst swinging your leg backwards and forwards

What’s it good for?

Muscle focus

  • Muscle focus
  • Hip abductors, flexors and extensors.
  • Abdominal muscles.
  • Shoulder stabilisers.


  • To develop trunk (lumbar – pelvic and shoulder) stability.
  • To develop hip flexor and extensor control and range of movement.
  • To strengthen hip abductors.

Difficulty: Very Challenging
Reps: four each side



The “how to”

Kneeling up, shift your weight to one knee with your lower leg reaching directly back. Place your supporting hand on the same side of your body as as the supporting knee directly underneath your shoulder and lift your other leg out to the side at hips height – or higher if possible! Place your hand behind your wheat.
Exhale and swing your top leg as far forward as possible dorsiflexing your foot. Perform two pulses whilst your leg is at maximum reach.
Inhale and swing your leg as far back as you can and point your foot.
End the exercise with your leg reaching back.

Hints and Tips

💡  To begin with, just evaluate your leg and keep the position for a minute each side!

💡  Think of a pendulum swinging from side to side.

💡  Keep you pelvis still.

💡  Keep your leg as high as possible.

💡  Keep your swimming leg as high as possible as it moves backwards and forwards.

💡  Keep your head aligned with your spine.

💡  Test your balance and control by lifting your supporting hand off the mat slightly- your body should be able to balance a moment.

💡  Try digging your fingertips into the mat to reduce pressure into your wrist.

💡  Use a fist if you need to keep your wrist straight rather than extended.



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