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Return to Life: #29 Boomerang

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Return to Life: 

– More spinal mobility and abdominal strength required for the first of our three part rolling extravaganza!

This exercise will really show up all of your weaknesses and fix them – over time!

What’s it good for?

Muscle focus

  • Abdominal Muscles
  • Back extensors
  • Hip Flexors


  • Strengthen abdominal and back muscles.
  • Develops hip flexor control.
  • Opens out the chest and shoulders.
  • Improves balance & coordination.
  • Develops strength, flexibility and control.

Builds up from the Roll Over and Teaser and is very similar to Rowing on the Reformer.
Difficulty: a tough challenge – consider yourself a Master when you can manage this!
Reps: six times starting with your right leg crossed over your left then crossing left leg over right alternately.
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The “how to”

Exhale and sit with your legs straight and crossed in front of you and your feet pointed. Round your trunk over your legs and reach your arms towards your feet.
Inhale and roll down while lifting your legs with your feet opposite your eyes and pause when you reach your lower back. Hold trunk and legs still in this Boomerang position.
Exhale and lower your chest and head and lift your legs so they are perpendicular to the floor. Round your lower back further and roll over. Lower your crossed legs toward the mat.
Inhale and switch your crossed legs.
Exhale and take your kegs back over to get back to your Boomerang position. then, Roll up to your Teaser position.
Inhale and circle your arms around and interlace your fingers behind your back as you lift your chest to extend your trunk further.
Exhale and lower your legs and release your hands. Circle your arms up and over your shoulders to the front and return to the start position.

Hints and Tips

💡 Create a Boomerang shape throughout! Try this: get in to the start position and keeping the Boomerang shape, rock backwards and forwards.
💡 Flow backwards and forwards just like a Boomerang.
💡 Keep the movement fluid and flowing.
💡 Open and reach the arms upwards and backwards to open out your chest.
💡 Place on foot over the other rather than hooking them over each other.
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