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Return to Life: #31 The Crab

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Return to Life: 

– Rolling right onto your head sounds dangerous, and there is an element of danger to this exercise – so one major element is learning control because that’s what gives you the safety!


What’s it good for?

Muscle Focus
Stretches the spine
To develop stability and control of the trunk.
To help opens out the hips.
Gives us an opportunity to focus on control and flow
Difficulty: runners
Reps: six
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The “how to”

Inhale and sit in a balanced position on your sit bones in a ball shape. Cross your ankles and reach your arms around your legs and hold your feet. Your right hand will be holding your left foot and vice versa.
Exhale and and roll over onto your shoulders.
Inhale and Uncross and Recross your legs.
Exhale and roll forward transferring your weight onto your legs. Use to your arms to help by pressing into your hands.
Inhale and place your head onto the floor. Return Tito eh start position.

Hints and Tips

💡 Try to imagine why this exercise is called “Crab” – if you have any insights, please let me know – I am some ideas, but none that convince me!
💡 Transfer weight carefully onto your head.
💡 Create a tights a ball as you can whilst rolling.
💡 Keep your legs close to your body.

Extras: Precautions

☀️ … At the limit of your roll, when you’re on your shoulders, still holding your feet, stretch out your legs, straightening your knees in order to switch them over – just like we did in the boomerang.
☀️ … Instead of rolling forward not your head, roll over your legs, but lift into an upright position. You’ll be kneeling up but with your legs still crossed and you can reach your arms overhead. Use great control as you lower back down and return to the sitting position.
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