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Return to Life: #32 Rocking


Return to Life: 

– It’s perfect for anyone that spends a long time hunched over desks or electronic equipment.

That means that it’s also perfect for runners and cyclists but with the additional element for a deep hip flexor stretch that will offset long periods of time performing small range of motion movements!


What’s it good for?

Muscle focus
Strengthen back extensors and stretch hip flexors.
Strengthen your back and stretch your hip flexors.
Open out the front of your hips
Open out your sheet.

Difficulty: it’s a tough nut to crack if you’ve got tight hip flexors.
Reps: five




The “how to”

Inhale and in a prone position, reach your arms back to take hold of your ankles.
Lift your trunk and legs into an arc.
Exhale and rock forward.

Hints and Tips

💡 This is the mother of all hip extension exercises in my opinion.  You might find this exercise impossible at first.  If so, practice other hip stretching exercises: Chest Expansion on the Reformer or the Cadillac and Thigh Stretch on the Mat to name a couple.

💡 Just practice maintaining the starting position, lowering down and then back up agin.  Count your breaths and use them too time your hold. How many breaths can you manage.  Can you do one extra everyday?

💡 Imagine you are straightening your legs.  As you’re holding your ankles, this will help to lift your thighs and so helps lift your trunk into a higher arc shape.

💡 Like the Swan Dive this exercise relies on strength and coordination rather than pre flexibility.

💡 Imagine that you are an archer’s bow: the body is the bow and the arms and lower legs the string.

💡 Imagine you are a boat rocking in the waves.

💡 Keep your head aligned with your spine.

💡 Keep your arms straight.

💡 Press your hands not your ankles and ankles into your hands.

💡 Keep your legs as close together as you can to avoid pressure on your pelvis and lower back.


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