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Why practice Pilates?

Health-wise, we have a problem ...

... we are going backwards!

Most people would say that they want to be healthy and happy in body and in mind. But we are becoming more sedentary and as a result, more unhealthy both as we get older and as a society.


And that is in spite of the fact that we know more than ever about physical, mental and emotional health.

... we are becoming more inactive!

Medical professionals stress the importance of more, not less active lives.  Sadly, for many people this is difficult to do:

  • Lack of time.  But if you can’t find ten minutes a day, we need to talk!
  • Lack of adequate space
  • Gyms don’t often address our needs – sometimes cause injury!
  • Too many distractions.


Exercise that promotes proper bone health and muscle movement is just as essential as quality rest, quality sleep and quality food.

A person that spends their day sitting, doing repetitive tasks or looking after others needs physical exercises as much as that rest, sleep and food.

So, why Pilates?

Pilates is time efficient.  Once learned, the Matwork can take as little as 20 minutes. Everyone can do that at home.  You get started with just 10 minutes!

Once learned, it’s a very challenging workout in which all your muscles are working all the time. It forces you to forget what’s going on around you and focus on what you’re doing.

Reason #1: Pilates is truly holistic

  • It helps improve the mind. There are things to remember and you need to concentrate.
  • There is a particular focus on the spine: its muscles and connective tissues.
  • It focuses our smaller “postural” muscles – especially those that run up and down our spine but not at the expense of ignoring the “big movers”.
  • Tight joints are opened out and lax ones, tightened.
  • Stooped posture is corrected and with it:
    • the pressure on heart and lungs,
    • the diaphragm can move properly and
    • protruding bellies are pulled in.
  • The ribcage is opened up.
  • The bowels are kneaded.
  • Ligaments, tendons and fascia are stretched, hydrated and realigned.
  • Constrictions to the heart, lungs and abdominal contents are relieved.
  • The circulatory and lymphatic systems are stimulated removing harmful chemicals and by-products as well as improving the efficiency of the immune system.
  • Blood is sent coursing around the body.
  • Sleep will improve.
  • Your postural awareness is dramatically improved very quickly!
  • The whole body is wrung out like a wet towel: it’s a self-administered massage!

You will feel “new life”, a “return of vigour” and a “rested” body from your exercise.

Reason #2: Back Pain

Your spine is the best friend you ever had, until it isn’t anymore. Hospitals are great for an emergency, but prevention is far better than a cure.

“I don’t go to the doctor. The doctors come to me!”
— Joseph Pilates

Back pain is one of the most often given reasons for days taken off work and of doctor visits. Pilates focuses on the spine and everything that surrounds it.

Reason #3: the tortoise and the hare

Remember that the tortoise always beats the hare?  Pilates isn’t working out to exhaustion or endless and mindless repetitions.  That is “Anti-Pilates”.  We do few repetitions and never to exhaustion.  You’ll never get so sore and stiff that you can’t practice everyday!

It’s regular disciplined effort that creates a fully strong, mobile body and a clear mindstream.  Happiness and healthy bodies cannot be bought. 

But Pilates has passed the test of time. It’s not a passing fad or the product of skilful marketing.

Pilates, done properly, is the solution

Pilates, done properly, directly focuses on the main causes of back pain: muscular imbalances and poor alignment

Few people would argue that exercise classes and going to the gym have their value. And they do have their value.

But they don’t provide a programme of complete physical development AND a self diagnostic system – all rolled into one.

Gyms and exercise classes are not as efficient as Pilates. Pilates isn’t one size fits all.  Nor is Pilates is for bulking up or for other superficial gains, Pilates is self-improvement. Pilates works you from the inside out.

Pilates both develops the body and tells you where you need to develop further – you won’t need a teacher 24/7 to know what you need to work on – it’s really simple and you can learn it for yourself!

The time tested answer to all these problems is here: Pilates done properly. Its original name was “Contrology”.

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